Thursday, 12 March 2009

Yann Sorlut: Summary Almanarre

After the Cabo Verde report,
here it is the second one from our very active RRD French rider Yann Sorlut

"3rd on the first event.
Not so bad, but honestly I was expecting a better place!

The day was long and wind start blowing early and strong enought to push the organisation to switch into wave instead of slalom.

It was cold and I think that I pass too much time on the water.
>From half past eight am until half past four pm I was on the water.

I think that in the same time that the wind become very gusty, and I loose my concentration...

1 judge each, egality on the third one and the surf who decide who will win. I'm pretty upset because, I make a mistake on a big foward that normally I never fail...

It's the contest. That will sure kick my ass for the rest of the year!"

Pictures credit: Jean Siouville/AFF and are available on the website

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