Thursday, 30 December 2010


Joung RRD freetyler Jacopo Testa is training in Brazil looking for the
next incoming freestyle season...
The gossips are that this kid rocks!
Keep an eye on him during the next season!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Abel Lago new blog

Hola amigos.
Here is my new blog, the idea is that the people can follow the shooting
and making off of "4 Seasons" and also my training and testing time.
Feliz Navidad

Monday, 27 December 2010

Skyeboy: All surfed out!

Its been an amazing Christmas period for surf. Had 2 sessions everyday
since the 23rd in some of the best conditions I have had here.
Including some big nasty days in front of the house. Some chunky
sessions on the North shore and then the last 3 days we had a big west
swell, that wraps around really nicely to the south shore and gives
some of the longest waves on the island. Boxing day (26th) means
nothing over here, but we had one of the best dawny sessions ever on
the south coast. Perfectly glassy and at least head and a half high
waves, long and perfect. I think I must have paddled about 50 kms in
the last 4 days, or at least it feels like it, exhausted! More of the
same coming in the next day or 2 soon and maybe some wind with it too
hopefully for some sailing. No pictures of the surf, but check out a
couple of shots from last week in the north. Thanks to Julio Leon for
the shots. You can check more at his facebook page:
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Flo shared a clip with you on Vimeo

Gun Sails photo shooting 2010- behind the scences

Florian Jung in action on RRD WaveCult Quad in Maui
"Here a little clip about the gun sails photoshooting in maui.
enjoy it....

featuring Josh Angulo, Marcos Perez, Stephan Etienne, Nico Spadea, Flo Jung and Camille Juban."

Regalo di Natale

Ciao a tutti
Mi e' arrivato per regalo un CD con diverse ore di HD shooting, che
non sapevo esistessero, da un ragazzo che era in Indonesisa l'ultima
volta che sono stato...
e cosi' ieri notte ho " impacchettato il regalo" con un montaggio
veloce... e ora eccomi a girarlo a tutti voi...

Tanti cari auguri,
dal profondo...
E grazie... per esserci sempre...
nessuno esluso....
Non vedo l'ora di ritrovarvi tutti!
Andy :-)

Christmas vid!

More Windsurfing Videos

Merry Christmas everyone, here is a video from a session yesterday on
the south coast...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Seb Garat: Report Australia - End of the 2010 Season.

Report Australia.
This is finally the end of the 2010 Season.
For the last event of the year, we didn't had the greatest conditions.
It's been raining with no wind nearly every days. We just had one day
with side shore 18 knots and some kickers to save the competition.
Due to the lack of wind conditions, we just could complete the single
elimination where I took a 5th place. The Wave event couldn't be
On the last day, the wind picked up around 12 knots, still too light
for the Freestyle, but enough to try a Red Bull Boarder Cross Downwind.
I took a 5th place here in Freestyle and finished 4th on the Boarder
Cross Final.
This 2010 season, I'm finally 7th in the Overall ranking. My friend
Tom Hebert won the event in Australia and passed me to the 6th place.
And I couldn't pass my opponent of the year, Alberto Rondina.
I'm pretty satisfied of this season (despite loosing one place just at
the end!), I've been pretty constant on the 10th stops. I did 2 time
9th, which is my worst place, and then between 7th and 5th plus 2
times on the podium at the 3rd place in Tenerife and Argentina.
I changed a lot my style of riding between the beginning and the end
of the year. I adapted my style after the Germany event where we had
the judgement riders meeting who said :
"When the heat is close, the quality of the execution of the tricks
completed during the heat, will be the key factor to decide the winner.
The quality of the execution of the tricks is determined by the power,
risk factor and speed".
To make it simple, I have to make each one of my trick as powerfull as
I can !
Now that's the end of the year, I will stay in New Caledonie for
Christmas, take some rest, and start training again in 2011 to start a
new PKRA season. Certainly in Thailande on March. Schedule to be
I want to thanks all my sponsors for their help since many years now.
Without them, I couldn't live what I'm living today, and I'm proud to
ride for them !
thanks to RRD, Fiat Freestyle Team, Cool Shoe, Waxx Underwear and Pro

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

Tine Salbe & his daughter Ema


on the 2 November I become father to my gorgeous daughter Ema. Now, a
bit more than a month after I can not describe my happiness. She is
just such a happy child that gives here parents so many nice moments!

Best regards,

Tine Slabe

NDFly riding RRD Gitana...

have a look:

Feedbacks are welcomed...

Especially cause...
some more will come soon!!!!!


Fabrice Beaux Wave riding around the World

check it out the latest video from our rider Fabrie Beaux featuring
also a Kelly Slater free surfing in Costa Rica...
Outstanding Surf action, SUP action, wildlife... all in all really a
great footage
Well done Fabrice!!!

Cold session

Got a good 2-hour freestyle session in last weekend. It felt actually
a lot warmer than the last sessions I have had at the Baltic. The wind
seemed a lot less arctic. Conditions were far from spectacular but
there were some good gusts to be had. I was also quite happy to nail
an ok normal stance kono and some burners on the way out. On the way
in the wind was a lot gustier, especially where they were taking
photos. I still managed to get this shot: (pic by Sebastian Schoeffel)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hang Loose Beach @ Hawaii, November 2010

Hang Loose Beach crew at Hawaii, in November 2010. Rider Luca e Yuri riding RRD Religion kites and RRD Fatal Wave boards...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Toselli wins the Transjai

Pascal Toselli is our Mr. Long distance!
He impressed everybody during last Defi Wind winning all the last races with 40 to 60 knots of wind, and again he won a classic French long distance in very rough conditions...

In winds between 25-35 knots, with extremely heavy chop on a 15 km long distance track, Pascal won two out of 3 races to claim the title. below you can find his report and the General ranking with big names behind him like Sylvain Moussilmani (brand new IFCA slalom World Champ) and Benoit Moussilmeni (brand new French Speed Champ). Congratulations Pascal, well done mate!

Nous avons eu beaucoup de chance pour la Transjai 2010 car le Mistral était bien au rendez-vous pour cette unique journée de course du 17 octobre..
Les conditions étaient très difficile avec un vent entre 25 et 35 knots avec une mer très choppy.. mais cela à quand même permit à l'organisation de valider trois belles manches dans un vent qui est montait tout au long de la journée!
Le parcourt de type longue distance était un allé/retour qui traversé l'étang de berre dans presque ca totalité avec au compteur à peut près 15 km de course.
J'ai utilisé ma RRD X-fire 90 et ma 5.6m AC1 Point-7 pour les trois manches et de remporter les deux premières devant Sylvain Moussilmani et Cédric Bordes!
Une très belle course au tant sur l'eau qu'a terre avec de belles batailles et une bon ambiance!
Je suis donc très content de remporter la Transjai cette année car le niveau y était très bon et les condition aussi!!

A bientot


- 1st Pascal Toselli
- 2nd Sylvain Moussilmani
- 3rd Cedric Bordes
- 4th Benoit Moussilmani
- 5th Bieuzy Mauffret

Monday, 13 December 2010

RRD KITE au Ventilo Show de Hyères

Big success for RRD KITE during the Ventilo Show held in Hyeres
(south of France) last week end.
Wind allows to test almost everything, and everybody was stoked for
the range and the easiness of new PASSION MKIII and for the way to
glide and the power of Obsession MKIII. New boards Domingo and
Salerosa as well were a great success...
Gros Succès sur le stand RRD KITE ce week-end au Ventilo Show de
Hyères . De nombreux tests , des riders conquis par la facilité et la
plage d'utilisation de la Passion 2011 , '' Ca envoie du gros .. !!
'' avec l'Obsession 2011 : aile qui monte très haut avec une très
bonne sustentation….
Gros succès aussi pour les toutes nouvelles Domingo et Salerosa 2011 ….
N'hésitez pas à vous rapprocher de votre Shop RRD pour tester ses
nouveautés ..

109 Allée du Pousset
83400 HYERES
Tel : 04 94 58 96 90
Fax : 04 94 58 13 43
Visitez notre site :
Hyeres-Stand-Up-Paddle :

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Italian Wave Championship 2010

The official video of the second event of Italian Wave Championship.
check out some stilish wave riding of our fresh Italian Champ Andrea Gigolino Rosati!!!

La seconda tappa del campionato wave open si è svolta da Domenica 21 a martedì 23 novembre a Steccato di Cutro in provincia di Crotone. ECCO IL VIDEO UFFICIALE !

Shawn Richman in Action

Check out Shawn and Jesse during the 2010 MaiTai Camp 
pretty radical I have to tell you...

Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 2 PKRA Australia

Rain, rain go away

It was a very wet and gloomy day in Surfer's Paradise today.
Rainsqualls swept through the area on more than one occasion throughout the morning and afternoon. It was the perfect weather conditions to make any quacking duck happy, but to the eager kitesurfer waiting on the beach not so.
Race director Olaf Van Tol had very tricky and difficult decisions to make whether or not to run the wave discipline heats. At around 2:00pm Van Tol released the freestylers for the day and would focus on running as many wave heats given the wind decides to cooperate.
A series of attempts to run the first set of heats were successfully completed once the wind became more suitable in the middle to late afternoon. A total of 2 heats were run today.
Abel Lago (RRD, ESP) will also advance to the second round having achieved a better overall score eliminating Australian riders Matt Tobin (Slingshot, AUS) and Paul Jackson (Naish, AUS). The wind and wave conditions were extremely difficult and the wave selection was minimal however everyone made the best out of the conditions and turned out to be an overall successful day.

Skyeboy news: Bad end, to a good week

The week started off well. We delayed our return to Gran Canaria to stay and help Animal with their product launch. Mainly our job was to model the clothes which was a terrifying prospect, especially when you know Timo is in the audience waiting to take the piss. Turned out pretty good though, and was actually really fun. Plus we met all the UK sales guys and international importers. Unfortunately it all went wrong when we tried to leave. We were flying from Gatwick which was closed all week. Luckily it opened 24 hours before we were due to take off and following a very early 2am start, plus a nice smooth check in with 10 bags, we boarded the plane and set off for the Canaries.

Nayra even commented how easy it had all been..... That was when it all went wrong. An hour into the flight, the pilot announced that the Spanish air traffic controllers had gone on strike and we had to return to the UK. So after 2.5 hours of travelling we arrived back where we had started at Gatwick. Initially they told us we would be getting off the plane, then as we taxied off the runway they told us the strike was off and we could fly again in 1 hour. 1.5 hours later having been stuck on the plane, they then announced the strike was back on and we had to finally go back into the airport. So we eventually disembarked the plane at Gatwick, at almost the same time as we should have been getting off in Gran Canaria. We were then told to wait until the afternoon for announcement which when it finally came, was the bad news that the flight was cancelled and we had to collect our bags.
That meant the 10 bags we had smoothly checked in, now had to be dragged back out again! Back on the wrong side of check in, we were told to come back tomorrow afternoon for the flight.... only problem
was what to do with the 10 bags. So after another few hours trying to sort that out we eventually had to pay £64 to leave most of them in left luggage, before trying to find a hotel. Even that went wrong as
the taxi the hotel ordered never came, and the new taxi we paid for took us to the wrong hotel.... Eventually however we got a room and could lie down, 20 hours after waking up and £190 out of pocket! Now today we have to do the whole thing again, but hopefully this time we make it!
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Action from Australia

Italian rider Federico Radicioni enjoying some riding on RRD Quads in
un po' di scatti dall'Australia in action con il Cult quad 83 & Hardcore quad 76.
Foto: Maria Belloni
Rider: Federico Radicioni
a presto
Federico Radicioni

Kenneth Back home from Cape Verde

Hey Guys.
I just updated my web site from my trip to the last PWA event of the
Best Regards Kenneth Danielsen

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Seb Garat: Report NEw Caledonia

The PKRa New Caledonia came to an end last sunday.
It didn't worked as i expected for me in the Freestyle discipline. I
been kicked out early in the single by Marc Jacobs, and had to run
from the bottom of the ladder on the double.
Unfortunatly I met Alex Pastor after winning a few heats. I had a
really good heat against him, but he landed 2 mobes with the kite
really low and he took the advantage with that. I just could win a few
places and I take the 9th place on Freestyle. That's my worst result
of the year, so I'm not really happy about it.
On the other side, I really had fun doing the long distance from
"Phare Amédée" to the event site. It's around 20 kilomètres on one
tack !!! I finished 3rd to this discipline. It was a good fun to
battle against the locals ! A good race !
And finally, I also won the Best Trick Board Off, as a show
Discipline ! It looks like the judges really like my Board Flip !!!
To sum up, It was a good event with some podiums, just not that good
in Freestyle for the overall Ranking.
Now we are in the Australia Gold Coast about to start the 10th and
last event of this 2010 season.
Gonna ride full power and try to get some points for the overall
ranking to get a 5th place...
LEt see how it goes.