Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dan Sweeney: Focus - Video update 2

Hi everyone,
Here is my latest video update from St.Lucia. - It was planned to be online a few days ago but the internet isn't reliable here, so sorry for the delay!

Please go to: https://dansweeneyblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/focus-video-update-2/
Its online on MPORA and also Vimeo.
Please comment and share,
I have over 5,000 combined hits on the first update and I would like
to double this figure on each update.
Take care,
Dan Sweeney
RRD UK Team Manager
Email - dan.sweeney@seaspritesports.com
Skype - dan-sweeney

RRD TEAM FRANCE Slalom pictures

New RRD Team entry Sebastien Bonhomme is evidently enjoying his brand new RRD Toys...

RRD Hardcore 91 CONTEST - test

Italian rider Matteo Muraro tested the RRD Hardcore Wave 91...

check it out... Italian language required...


Friday, 27 January 2012

Saint-Barth Fun Cup - Day 1

First event of the year, first race, first victory for Antoine on RRD X-Fire V4 boards...

Hi all,
we did 2 LD today, I was sailing on RRD X-Fire 114 and 8.6 the wind was 15/18kts at the first one and 12/16kts at the 2nd one, I won the 2, I was fighting with Julien at the beginning of each one but he had problem on the first one because one reach was a little bit upwind, the wind turn a bit and he couldn't jibe the 2nd mark and he finished 5th.
On the 2nd one he was fighting for the 2nd place with Tati Frans and he got stuck at one jibe and Tati pass him so he finished 3rd. 
Tomorrow we might do 3 LD, I will keep you up to date.
see you

Julien ready with a 7.8 and RRD X-Fire V4 114

17-22 knots of wind: Antoine tunes his 8.6 and RRD X-Fire

The first race was a big 10 miles long downwind course between Lorient point and St. Jean bay

Antoine and Julien ready for the training

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kabikuchi - Jacopo Testa

The Italian freestyle windsurfer Jacopo Testa keeps training in
Here you can have a look at the latest he's working on... a pretty
powered Kabikuchi
Spot: Sao Miguel Do Gostoso, Brazil.

The video was published also in Continent 7 and had ove 1.200 views in
2 days...
Nice one Japo!!!


Watch this video. It's simply awesome.
3 days of shooting with Mathieu Fouliard...
Pure RRD vibes...
Very well done Mateo!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

RRD X-FIRE LTD V4 "World On Line" newsletter




Luca Valentini - HangLooseBeach posted a cool video with him riding RRD Religion and RRD MaQuina at Platboom in South Africa. Really nice action Luca, very well done mate!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Arianne: movie Brasil


I uploaded a movie from Brasil, you can find it here: http://vimeo.com/35304649 and it's online at continentseven.com

Arrianne Aukes

Dutch female freestyler Arrianne Aukes presents her winter training movie from the tropical shores of Jericoacoara in Brazil .

Arrianne is one of the rising stars in the women’s freestyle fleet. Since she made her debut in 2010 she has spent countless hours on the water developing her moves and her style. In 2011 she blew the judges away at every competition and battled her way into fifth place with her powerful flakas and switch moves.

This winter Aukes was obviously keen to escape the cold weather in Europe, so made her way to the freestyle mecca of Jericoacoara in Brazil to train loads of new moves in perfect conditions. It looks like the training has paid off and she is certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2012 as she has been pushing herself to nail the most technical of moves including ponchs, burners and even konos.

With four month to go until the first women’s freestyle event of the season in Aruba, Aukes still has plenty of time to train on the water. 2012 is set to be a spectacular season for the female freestyle fleet with so many talented and driven ladies all hungry for a taste of glory.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Rumours are TRUE !!!

Its with great pleasure to announce that DAVE WHITE (Mighty White !) has Joined Seasprite Sports as Watersports Sales Manager.

Dave White
The journey of life never fails to amaze me with its never ending twists and turns. It only seems like yesterday I was flying out to RRD's Italian headquarters with Seasprite's Wouter Ardern - a trip that unknowingly would shape my future.
Having experienced the passion and commitment to watersports shared by the heads of these two companies, I'm delighted to have been invited to join in the Seasprite/RRD party.
I've always enjoyed the team spirit, and in many ways this feels like coming home. John Skye was a huge part of my past successes, while Jem Hall has been instrumental in the more recent ones. Now, with the combined experience of Seasprite's Jai Matthews and Wouter in the mix it not only adds up to a potent team to be part of but a fantastic way to see in 2012.

John Skye
Whitey is a great friend, but I have also had the chance to work with him in many different ways. In the beginning with Whiteboarders he was not only my sponsor but effectively my promoter. He's the master of pushing a brand and getting it not just noticed, but elevated. Since then he's worked at Boards as editor and turned the magazine into a top class read for everyone. In amongst all that he has designed websites, produced top class DVD's, won world titles, and snapped some quality pics. That's quite a few strings in his bow! And talking of strings, he kites pretty good too! I have no doubts in my mind that he will bring a huge amount to the RRD/Seasprite brand, both in the UK and globally. To be honest I can't wait to work with him again!

Roberto Ricci 
I am extremely happy to have Dave White joining the Seasprite team and representing the whole RRD collection in the UK. His passion and excitement for any new design development in windsurfing, SUP and kiteboarding make him the perfect man to represent in full the true RRD spirit and philosophy.
It's people like him that make our sport move forward and spread the right attitude towards the discovery of the ocean and our watersports, by either pushing the limits of performance or just sharing a moment of pleasure with friends and family.
We look forward to seeing Dave presenting the new RRD products in the UK for many years to come!
(P.S. I'm not superstitious by nature, but to be on the safe side I will not drive his van around the UK with him. Boards and sails have more 'value' than cars!)

Jem Hall
I'm really looking forward to working with Dave as he'll bring his world famous energy, passion and commitment to the Seasprite team. He has a wealth of experience, needs no introduction, and we all have a lot to learn from him.
First and foremost Dave loves to be in the water, and he very much likes to have quality products attached to his feet and hands. He's already enjoyed using our RRDs and Ezzys for a few years, and now he'll be getting the opportunity to play with even more of our toys. Bring on the mighty Whitey and let the good times roll!

Wouter Ardern
Speaking on behalf of the Seasprite team I'm thrilled that Dave White has chosen to continue his career in the windsurfing industry with us. Dave needs no introduction at work or at play – with his vast experience, passion, energy and love of watersports, Seasprite can only benefit and become stronger in its quest to become the UK's number one watersports provider. Welcome onboard Dave White, and let's get started!

This link says it all :

Garat Bros: who is who?

Here you can find the Garat brothers during a summer training session.

Sebastien and Valentin Garat in action...

Watch it and then tell us... Who's Who???


Julien warming

We grabbed some action that we found on the web about the "6H d'Orient Bay" an endurance race held in St. Martin with team of 2 people attending it. Antoine won the event with his friend and team mate Ricardy Maricel, while Julien and his friend was second...

Pictures are courtesy of Ricardy Maricel ... you can see him in action on the picture below during the race...

Ricardy Maricel in action

Antoine warming...

Friday, 20 January 2012


RRD proudly present PUSH THE TEMPO video, a fresh look behind the RRD scenes at the RRD Headquarter in Grosseto.

Shot with GoPro HD 2 and edited in Time Lapse mode by Fabrizio DjSide Luca

NDFLY WAVE CAMPS 2012: the video....

RRD Team rider NDFly just edited a brief video report about the first part of the second WRKC Edition run in the Philippines..

Great job ND, 
keep us posted with your updated news about your Wave Camps all around the world!!!

Ciao a tutti!
ecco il link al primo video report relativo a primi quattro Wave Camps svolti qui nelle Filippine:

Siamo attualmente all'inizio del quinto Camp, una mole immensa di lavoro...
ma tanti bei risultati!

Rubando ore di sonno alla notte, sono riuscito a preparare un brevissimo video-resoconto che spero renda bene l'idea della vita che facciamo qui...

A presto,

Andy ;-)

West Oz RRD pics

Here you can find some pics of West Oz rider Ben Arthur sailing the RRD Hardcore Quad at last weeks wave comp. Small waves but super windy. Ben loves the quad HC, but generally rides the Twin.
Photographer is Colin Leonhardt. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

North Shore Sardinia non stop surfing land

AE Surf Point - North Shore Sardinia non stop surfing land

starring: Riccardo Sieni
sail: RRD The Four 5.7
board: RRD Thruster 84
spot La Ciaccia (Valledoria, Sardinia)
day: 4 January 2012

RRD Chiatta 5.8 in action

Luca Pacitto in action on RRD Chiatta 5'8 in South Africa...

...really a good surfing style... we love the way Luca rides his Chiatta...

Un saluto a tutti