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SUP Badalona


Badalona con el Sub Paddel con Ferran Recasens y RRD

Un Saludo

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cape Town video

This is a cool video from our Clive Boden.
Here you can have a taste of some good South Africa action of our RRD Team.

Well done Clive!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

JESPER: News from WA


I just cam back from 2 week snowboarding in Japan (Niseko), that is famous for their light powder snow.
We got good conditions every day!!

From the races here in WA,
we have the Wednesday races every week (more social) and I won all races for 2 weeks, just before I left to Japan.
We also had the State WA Slalom Champion chip, where something really strange happened!!

I was comfortably winning all finals on the Xfire 90 and KA 5.8. But one final I broke my outhaul just before the last mark, leading the final. So I had to sail back to the beach and fix it, but thought no problems, as it would be a discard!!

At the price ceremony I realize that the race committee don't have any discards?? after 5 rounds. I have never heard about not having the option to could throw 1 race away after 5 finals?

Anyway so the result was all upside down, and I got 3'rd as my DNF counted? - and of course I was very disappointed in the race comity's choice of rules?
The day was pretty windy with gust up 35kts, and very choppy water. The Xfire 90 was never a problem in the jibes, - always a lot of control :)

We have another race down south over the weekend.

Best regards


Report dall'indonesia : central sumbawa

ecco un nuovo report dall'isola di Sumbawa (in realta' son gia' tornato a Bali, dato che la' la connessione e' praticamente assente. 25 minuti x aprire windguru.....).
Mutatis mutandis, cambiata isola ho cambiato anche fotografo, questo è MAMAT.

Nella foto fuori dall'acqua guardo in basso non per timidezza, ma per controllare dove metto i piedi sul reef, cercando di evitare echinodermi ed eventuali serpenti marini.
E proprio in quel momento ho visto una murena di mezzo metro con la testa incastrata nel reef che si dibatteva nella poca acqua per liberarsi.
Non sapevo cosa fare!?!?!? Agguantarla e farla in padella? Il Marze sicuramente conosce una ricetta appropriata. Oppure scappar via? Ho scelto la seconda, anche perche' volevo parlare con MAMAT, che stava appollaiato su di uno scaleo, ed adesso penso di sapere il perche'.


Julien Quentel training for the Master of the Caribbean

Julien Quentel
is starting his training looking at the incoming Master of the Caribbean, the "very long distance" that will be held in the Caribbean from March 2 to 9 next.
Julien Quentel will be the one to keep an eye on, since he's the only local of the event.

Back with FRA-421 on this event where he hopes to shine!
"It will be a great experience because it will be in the Antilles.
I'm not used to race too long distances, but I spend an inordinate amount of time on the water in all water sports.
What will be the hardest thing in my opinion is to keep staying always on the same side. The risk is to hurt the legs and I think especially the feet and arch!
I'm going to attend this event primarily for spirit ofadventure and to navigate on the warm waters between the islands and of course I will do my best to get a good result!

Religion & Fatal Classic keep ripping in Canary islands

The big kona day... more views per day

Check out my post : “MAUI, BIG KONA DAY AT LANES” linked

On the webs as a featured article:


Ascanio D'Ascanio

Trip Fuerteventura

Actually I'm in fuerteventura, there really good windsurf conditions!
I've got some some pictures..movies..

One picture in preview!

Hasta luego!!

Marco Juliot

margaret river pictures

Here's some shots of Australia, Margaret River.
Here the TWINZER thruster 84 and 74 worked really hard and well ...

ecco un pò di scatti dall'Australia, Margaret River.
Qui le tavole twinzer 74 e thruster 84 hanno lavorato davvero tanto e bene...

Federico Radicioni

New Video "North in the Center".


please, check our new Video!

"North in the Center"

"Aire fresco, atmósfera limpia y cielo azul ausente de nubes.

Poca humedad en el ambiente y un frío que se calaba en los huesos.

Los árboles se movían epiléptica y violentamente sacudidos por las rachas del viento.

El Sol aunque radiante carente de todo calor.

Llegamos a la playa. Aparente calma.

Esperábamos la llegada del Mistral. Se podía ver como a lo lejos los borreguitos llenaban el mar, y las fuertes rachas cada vez se acercaban más a la orilla. Nuestro anemómetro marcaba de 9 a 30 nudos ... Y lo más curioso, la dirección para nada era la esperada (W-NW) si no que Norte total. Un orientación que muy raras veces suele darse en la Costa Central, y con la que es muy complicado navegar.

Nadie en el agua, viento totalmente de tierra y muy racheado, una navegación más que técnica nos esperaba. El procedimiento el de siempre, esperar en la orilla, salir con la racha, hacer un bordo relativamente corto y volver. Intentar volver sin nadar, y durante la entrada y salida, evidentemente, saltar y/o surfear... algo realmente complicado con un viento tan poco consistente y duradero, que nos obligaba a navegar paralelos a la costa escasos minutos por racha.

El viento era frío y la sensación térmica era, seguro, mucho inferior a la de la temperatura real. Poco a poco se nos helaban las manos, orejas y pies. El helor se convertía en ardor, y éste en dolor. No recuerdo haber sentido tanto dolor en la punta de los dedos como ese día...

Mucho sufrimiento para escasos minutos de placer, el windsurf es así, sin dolor no hay gloria.

Tine training in Egypt

Pals, Catalunya, frozen feb

Pals, Catalunya, frozen february.

Here we are with some good pictures from Pals where our riders Matteo Muraro (RRD 76 Thruster-Simmer-Tactic -
and Jaume (RRD 82 Twinfin-Simmer) are keeping it up despite the frozen temperature.
Pixx courtesy Ciber_99
Stay tuned for some more action form windy Catalunya.