Friday, 30 October 2009

SUP 11 images at Punta San Carlos, Baja

Hi guys,

Check out the images Clark Merritt from Solo Sports took of the SUP 11 and the Wave Vogue recently.

The windsurfer's name is Cliffy Gordy and the paddler's name is Joey Sanchez.



Thursday, 29 October 2009

Coluccia Finals '09 e meeting Detour TEST materiali ws 2010

Salve amici, manca solo un giorno all'inizio del'evento Coluccia Finals '09 e Meeting Detour materiali ws 2010, tre giorni di regate windsurf freestyle e esposizione di materiali e novità 2010, ecco la locandina.......gli atleti più forti si sono già preiscritti al sito
siete tutti invitati
saluti Steddu!!!!!!!

The 30th of october will start the Coluccia Frestyle Finals on North of Sardinia.
During the event will be possible to test the full 2010 RRD collection

For more info
check it out

RRD Invitation

Ciao everybody,
Seb won again the French Freestyle Title,
so this is a good opportunity to Join the RRD Family to party all together!!!


RRD Invitation RRD Invitation RRD Invitation RRD Invitation RRD Invitation RRD Invitation RRD Invitation RRD Invitation
Seb Garat, Demain Jeudi 28 Octobre au shop Triple C
Sorti Paddle dans l'apres midi a Malo 15h00 devant L'espadrille avec Seb,
et RDV a 18h00 au shop pour feter le nouveau Titre de "CHAMPION DE FRANCE 2009",
Apero, dédicace avec Seb Garat, Si vous voulez parler Matos, Technique (le double front mobe handle pass Blind......", trip ou titre c'est le moment et en plus ce sera en Francais.
Seb Garat / RRD : Double Champion du monde 2006/2007, Triple Champion de France 2007/2008 et 2009

Davidino covershot: DREAMS UP LIFE surf journal 11

Il nostro mitico team rider David Pecchi in posa sulla cover di Dreams
con tutte le sue amanti...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mediterranean side off

Buona sera,

Last week we enjoyed superb conditions here in Murcia. Nice and long waves with side off shore wind… it seemed Baja!!!

I hadn´t enough time to take many pics but I hope that you like them anyway.

The rider is my brother Jaime Bernardeau armed with his RRD wave cult 90.

If you want to know more about de supersession you can check our blog: (Spanish only, sorry)

Best Regards!

Luis Bernardeau


3rd Rite Race Monotype Event

3rd Rite Race Monotype Event
Brest, 13-14 October 2009

No official result for this Breton event. Average wind speed from 4 to 6 knots all the week end long and just a 20 minutes of a shy wind increasing to 8-9 knots.
Really a pity, many motivated riders were waiting on the beach always ready to jump in the water to test the new RRD stuffs as soon as a gust breeze over the water.
It was pretty shocking see many riders planning with just 6 knots of wind, running upwind, tacking and jibing during their first session ever with RRD K-Race and RRD Addiction 12!
To sum up: Brest is a well known place for race and its racing culture, with an organization simply outstanding, a great welcome, a great atmosphere and beautiful pictures. The wind was the only AWOL, which has also prevented us from attending to a great competition in water.

3eme Etape de la Kite Race Monotype
"BREST 13/14 Octobre 2009"

Pas de course, sur cette étape Brestoise, 4 a 6 Nds de vent pendant ce week end et un très timide 8/9 Nds pendant 15 a 20 minutes,
Dommage, car il y avait un très beau plateau de rider très motivés, au moindre souffle de vent beaucoup partent sur l'eau pour tester.
Impressionné par quelques riders qui a 6 Nds naviguent..... remonté au vent, virement de bord, jibe avec la K Race et Addiction 12m !!!, matos qu'il n'ont "pas" encore en main. C'est confirmé, il y a une vraie culture historique et reconnue de régatier et compétiteur a Brest.
Conclusion : Une Organisation en béton Armé du mag Kite +, un super accueil, une très bonne ambiance, de belles photos il ne manquait que le vent pour avoir j'en suis sur une magnifique compétition sur l'eau.

Merci au FKA, Kite +

Monday, 26 October 2009

French Kite Championnship News

Hi Guys.

Here are some news of the French Championship in Wimereux North Of France.
I just won single elimination.

Cheers all.

Seb Garat

French Championship In Wimereux.
The French championship is held now, from 24 to 29, in Wimereux, in the North of France.
10 to 11 hours of driving to come from Montpellier to here !
And this is a good occasion to thanks again my sponsor FIAT who provide me a superb car, the Croma, ideal for long ways, and in which I can put all my gear!
Competition starts on Saturday afternoon, with the south wind blowind, they could validate the 1st round for junior, men and girls. I qualifiate for the next round.
Yesterday, Sunday, wind turned South West, around 20 knots, sometimes 25 during the day. All started on the morning, and they run all the heats until the night ! I won all my heats one after the other, and finally I won the final against Mallory. It was a great day, with good conditions of wind, some sun, and lots of public on the beach!!!
We could make a really good show to everyone, with aerial tricks (big board off) and wake style of course to be complete and varied.
I really enjoyed to ride yesterday.
Double elimination start today, with a wind a little bit more onshore. Like I won the single, I just have to wait for all the riders to do their heats to then confirm my 1st place!

Trofeo Tramontana Voltri Surf

Si è svolto lo scorso fine settimana a Voltri il "Trofeo Tramontana Voltri Surf", organizzato dal rider RRD Max Brunetti in collaborazione col locale Circolo Surf Voltri.

Si è trattato di un vero SUCCESSO!

Tutti i dettagli e le classifiche sul sitone:

Ecco le dichiarazioni a caldo dell'organizzatore Max Brunetti:
"Ciao, la regata è venuta una vera ficata!!!
9 prove in tutto, 3 scarti, 40 iscritti di cui 3 donne, 10 regatanti, 27 amatori, al party serale 115 persone per la cena, 200 in totale per il dopo cena... (il padrone del locale mi ha fatto un monumento!)… questo pomeriggio è venuta la rai e le immagini saranno trasmesse o questa sera o domani su rai 3!!!
Appena posso invio la classifica più qualche immagine.

Bel Lavoro, Max!!!

CLASSIFICA AMATORI (tra parentesi il piazzamento Overall)
1° Enio Patrone p.32 (6°)
2° Alberto Pellero p.51 (9°)
3° Francesco De Simone p.53 (10°)
5° Paco p.64 (12°)
6° Louisa p.72 (14°)
9° Massi Rasta p.92 (17°)
13° Stefano Ghigliotti p.122 (22°)
14° Nicola p.123 (23°)
16° RubenZ p.150 (25°)
19° Phil p.163 (28°)
20° Beppe p.200 (29°)
22° Lorenza p.209 (31°)
24° Fabio ***** p.213 (33°)

1° Matteo Iachino p.6
2° Franz Orsi p.12
3° Max Brunetti p.21
4° Sebastian Patuelli p.22
5° Gianni Bolla p.23
6° Alexis Brono p.33
7° Luca Ghiglione p.49
8° Fabio Canella p.69
9° Roberto Pasquini p.119

Representing RRD!

John Garbe sent us a pictures from a large day at Waddell (USA)...

Maybe not a great shot... but shows the goods ;-)


Slovenian champion 2009 !!!

Finally all the competitions in 2009 are over.
Last one was held on Sunday 18.10. on Slovenian small coast in town called Izola. Conditions were more than crazy. Super choppy with gusty and very cold wind. Despite all the craziness we finished a full double elimination.
Heats were extended on 8min in single and 7min in double elimination, so it was fair for everyone. Judges decided to judge by overall impression system (EFPT). There were 13 competitors, which is very good for a so small country. At the beginning the wind was light, so I used 5.2 and RRD Twintip 100l, but later in the final I was powered up with 3.7!!!
Heat after heat I showed better action on the water and victory of single elimination was mine. After the single I had to wait for about an hour for my opponent coming to challenge me from the double elimination.
It was again Zan Sude who wanted the revenge. Wind was very tricky this time, so it was a lottery to choose the right sail. I took 4.3 and it was just enough. Zan and me were both fighting hard in very difficult conditions. My performance was better and the judges were convinced. Marko Simic was third, Zan Sude second and I became Slovenian freestyle champion! The season was really good for me and I will do my best to be even better in the next year.

Photos by Franci Brezar

Arnaud dussen: one more video


everything ok?

Here everything cool, first storm is coming ;-) big waves big wind...

just to tell you I that after my last "dussen kite 02 " video, I just
uploaded a new movie on Youtube:

dussen kite 03

hope you like it...

best regards


Enjoying the Thruster 84

Ciao a tutti,

Ancora Thruster 84.. e ancora grandi surfate... primo swell autunnale da SE in Adriatico è nel nome di RRD Thruster!!!
Confermo l'agilità e la radicalità della tavola tra le onde, divertente!

A presto
Federico Radicioni