Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Davide Beverino, giovane e talentuoso team rider RRD, è mancato ieri
all'affetto dei suoi cari.
Davide, che da tempo si era trasferito a vivere in Sardegna, è annegato,
ieri pomeriggio, al largo di Capo Sant'Elia, mentre era impegnato in una
battuta di pesca in apnea.
Tutta la RRD si unisce insieme a tutto il mondo windsurfistico al
cordoglio dei suoi famigliari ed amici.
Davide Beverino, joung and talented RRD Italian Team rider, passed away
yesterday during a breath-held diving session in Sardinia.
The whole RRD Family rallies around Davide's Family and friends' pain.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Ciao everybody!

Finally day 4 started and race 5 was very good. Pretty windy 20-knots with the 112 and 8.6 sail. It felt good to get a bullet. Frankly I had a very hard start to the year to this point with many bad things happening. I am hoping to build some momentum with this result and hopefully try and move up. The racing is very tight in the small bay, everyone is very good this year so we will see how it goes. I am hoping that my hard work this winter will start to pay off.

Ciao, Finian


On the
third day the wind suddenly kicked in and the head judge pushed it hard so we almost finished four races in one day. I started with a 6 place in my first heat and did not advance, but I saw that I have good speed and that I can race good. In the second race I already manage to qualify although I had a big crash with TUR 1 on the last reach. I was sailing quite good in the semifinal finishing 7th. In the losers final I had a really bad start and while trying to pass some guys on the mark I went down and finished the race as 20th. In race 3 I also manage to qualify to the next round. In the semifinal I started good and came to the first mark in fourth. I was fighting down the course and had a small chance on the last mark to pass Arnon Dagan to get fift, but he did not let me do it. I was forced to stop and Prichard took the chance to overtake me so I finished in 7th. It was the first time that I was so close to the final. In the losers final I did not start the best as the wind was very up and down, but I still sailed solid finishing the race in 17th place. I was getting already a bit tiered like most of the guys, but as the wind was still there we started race 4. I had not a very good start, but with my speed and good jibing I manage to get to the fift place and than I did a mistake. I was almost alone on the mark and I slipt from the board and went down! After I got up, the guys passed me and I finished 8th. I was so angry when I came to the beach, but at least I was sailing good in the previouse heats. I finished the day on the 20th place, I was happy about it.

Day 4, although weather forecast was quite bad for day four the thermal wind kicked in around 13:30. First they finished race 4 and and went almost straight to race 5. I had a quite OK start and came to the first mark with the first pack. I got out of it in 6th, but I manage to overtake the guy in front of me. On the last mark I went in to the jibe a bit wide and K-3 did not hesitate for a second and sailed straight in to me and took me down. Before I could got up some guys passed me and I finished 8th. Another bad result, but I learned from it that I have to be more aggressive in the future. We started also race 6, but after two heats the wind has died and I have not done my heat yet.
At the moment I am on the 24th place, but I hope we will do some more races so I have a chance to improve my position.

Tine Slabe


"Hi RRD Family,
we are racing at the PWA slalom event in Korea. 3 races were completed
yesterday in some very difficult and physical conditions because the
winds are gusting from 7-25 knots in a really small bay with some hills
upwind. This makes for a small course and tight racing with a full
emphasis on the start.
For me personally I had a very bad day with some collisions and
difficult starts. The X-Fire boards are working really well in all
conditions especially when there is some power in the sail so I am happy
with the performance of the slalom range. Unfortunately, this is not the
place to use the speed I know I have, as everything is very close
together. I am hoping to improve in the next few days and try to get
better results in the tricky conditions.
Stay tuned, Finian"

Photo credit: John Carter/PWA

Monday, 18 May 2009

New Team Rider Pierre - Croatia

This is story about new RRD national speed/slalom rider...

Kevin Allegre freestyle windsurf 2009

It seems we have a new radical freestyler from French...
Welcome aboard Kevin...
Well done!

Kevin Allegre freestyle windsurf 2009 from Kev on Vimeo.

More Troels videos


Here is some more video from Cabarete..

Cabarete Trip 2009 from on Vimeo.



How fast is an RRD FreestyleWave90... ?? QUICK!!!

Per la serie "la potenza è niente senza il controllo" ecco la velocità che è stato in grado di esprimere un RRD FreestyleWave 90 sotto i piedi di Mr. Tristan Haskins...
Sarei curioso di sapere che cosa avrebbe combinato con un X-FIRE 90 sotto i piedi!
Mr. Tristan Haskins sent us a cool mail proving that RRD production boards can always surprise...
Let's give a try to RRD 2009 X-FIRE range,
I bet you'll have still better surprises!
Well done Tristan!Keep us updated about your next speed sessions...



My name is Tristan Haskins from UK (owner of

Normally when sailing for speed I use a Tabou Manta...

When sailing at my local spot, Hunstanton, Norfolk (choppy coastal estuary) - I use my new RRD 90 LTD Freestyle Wave.

On this particular day, the tide went out to reveal some nice flat water alongside a sand bar.

I thought I'd push the RRD with "as supplied" MFC 25 fin - just to see how quick it was...

I was using a 2008 Severne 4.7m BLADE (wave sail)

I was amazed to see peak speeds on my GT31 of 32.87 knots... and 100m average of 32.51!!!

Here's the TRACK if you want to view the data yourselves.

So - is the RRD 90 FSW fast ?? Yes - very - I love it!!!

It's my first RRD board, but I will certainly be adding a few more to my quiver

(FYI - I got mine from Neil Greentree at Quayside Windsurf in Dereham)

Keep up the good work


Tristan Haskins and Louise Barby

Poé session movie - Seb Garat

Here it is the last movie I've edited.

This is the "Youtube" link, and it's also available on my website.

Cheers !
Sébastien GARAT


here attached you can find a cool sequence of a double forward landed by
Cheo Diaz during the Freestyle semifinals in Copa ONA - El Yaque 2009


Photo credits:

More EFPT freestyle action from Podersdorf

Photo credits: Christian Singer

CHEO DIAZ in action in Copa ONA - El Yaque 2009

HERE you can find a small report about the last Freestyle-Slalom event held in El Yaque-Isla Margarita (Venezuela)

RRD team direr CHEO DIAZ is always one of the main actors in his home spot, and he finished second in freestyle after a tought battle in final agains World Champon Gollito Estredo!

Congratulation Cheo!!!
Cheo will be in action soon at 
Good Luck Cheo!

Can't wait to see you in action in first PWA Event!!!

Windjeri Windsurf Team action from EFPT Podesdorf

Un po' alla volta arrivano testimonianze dagli eventi andati in scena le
scorse settimane...
Ecco qualche foto ricordo dei nostri rider brasiliani Edvan e Sassà del Windjeri Windsurf Team
Se volete essere sempre aggiornati sugli ultimi spostamenti di questo interessate freestyle team, date un'occhiata al loro sito ufficiale:
Here are some memory pictures from last Windjeri Windsurf Team action in EFPT Podersdorf event...
If you want to be always updated about last action of our brazilian freestylers Edvan and Sassà, 
check it out the official website