Saturday, 31 December 2011

JUSTIN DENEL F541 updates

Hi RRD family
I'm working on a clip video of my SUP sessions in Fuerte, but here you can see a short clip about a nose 360 ! Check it ! 

Here is the pic of the week on my WebSite with the RRD SUPER 7.11 :

Happy new year!

Friday, 30 December 2011

EPISODE 6 - HOME SPOTS 2011 - by Fabrice Beaux

RRD International team rider Fabrice Beaux just released the 6th and final episode of his 2011 RRD VIDEO SERIES.

This time it's a sum up of his favorite home spots... Mokuleia (Oahu), Hookipa (Maui), Kingfisher (Philippines)...

The video features also a special content... check it out...

Mateo & the Waterman Life

Aloha RRD Family

SUP, windsurf, kitesurf. My life is dedicated to the Ocean and when the wave is realy small I enjoy BodySurfing with my Handplane.

Aloha from Paradise.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Abel Lago: surfing RRD Frustona

Merry Xmas to you and your family amigos!!!!
Back home for Xmas, Santa bring the best present ever. A perfect left, glassy and all my friends on the water.
Perfect surfing with RRD Frustona 5'9.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Brando/Pietro Pacitto in action @ Cape Town

It seems the Pacitto family is having an action holiday in Cape Town, with father Pietro ripping on RRD Super SUP and son Brando enjoying the solid swell both in kiteboarding and surfing...
Well done mates.. really gooood action...

allego alcune foto di Brando e un paio mie in sup in diversi spot a Cape Town
con l'occasione auguro un felice anno nuovo a tutta la RRD Family
ciao Pietro

Monday, 26 December 2011


A new introduction in the RRD sail program. A very demanded sail from RRD ”aficionados” willing to get some more power and speed when riding on fast boards. A great, powerful and stable sail that will allow you to use its lift in a very efficient way. Progressively increasing speed and instant accelerations after the jibes and tacks. A really tough contender to the most advanced camber induced sails.


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Manu Canepa: 2011 season video

Manuel Canepa, RRD French rider based in Windsurf CLub Bonifacio, just edited e sum up of his 2011 windsurfing season...

I think this is a very good promo for his home spot too... don't you think?

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Big Day. RRD Race12'6 against the big guns

The famous photographer WIM, just deliver in time before the weekend, some awesome pics from Bora-Bora who sum up the Iron Mana Race 40km.

More than words, enjoy the actions pics. And happy to glide this beautifull place with the only 12'6 and to finish 6 against 15 big gun 14' and unlimited in 4 hours for the first, 4h 30' for me and 6h30 for
the last.


Marry Christmas and Happy new year from the RRD Family

Kerneur in Action in Brazil

Hi all, I'm in Brazil now and I'm training for the next season.
I'm going kiting everyday with powerful freestyle sessions and this means I'm just ready to jump on race boards as well...

Everything is fine now in Brazil, but at the beginning I cannot go on the water cause my injury at the knee. So I've done a lot of physical training and rehab to speed up the come back the to water...

After just a couple of weeks this way, my knees was recovered enough to allow me to go on the water everyday! I'm enjoying the small brazilian waves with my RRD Religion 8 and I'm anjoying freestyle as well!

So I'm going on training for the 2012 racing season that is approaching fast!
Probably I'll attend the first important racing events already in January

I'll keep you posted
Julien Kerneur

Salut !

Je suis bien près pour la compétition, je kite tout les jours, en freestyle de nouveau, donc en race, c'est goood !!!

Mon trip au Brésil se passe bien, les premiers jours, je ne pouvais pas naviguer suite à ma blessure au genou du Ligament LCA
Donc musculation très régulièrement, pour favoriser au plus tôt la reprise du kite .
Depuis 10-15 jours, je navigue tout les jours !
Je me gave dans les petite vague au Brésil avec ma religion 8m ou en freestyle !
Maintenant, je me prépare pour la saison 2012 qui arrive vite !
Les premiers événement vont avoir lieux en janvier ....
A très bientôt la team !

Thursday, 22 December 2011