Monday, 28 November 2011

Mathieu Fouliard joins RRD

RRD are proud to announce that Tahiti based waterman Mathieu Fouliard joins the RRD International SUP team. 

Mathieu lives in Tahiti and seems to have mastered just about everything from foil surfing to windsurfing, though SUP has been his primary focus.

Mathieu just started training with the race board at Nautic Aquatic Center at Newport Beach.
His first official event on brand new RRD Race 12'6 will be the IRON MANA in Bora Bora island.
But we are pretty sure we'll find him in action very soon riding some perfect Tahitian wave!

Welcome aboard Mathieu!

Keep tuned!


  1. Nice pics! Congrats Mat!

  2. Family said........

    Nice pics,félicitations, très beau SUP ,M......pour Ironmana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah buddy, congratulations, I'm sure you'll do the best as you can to show the best sides of RRD, and this will start with the Iron Mana pretty soon.
    I wish you the best for this new adventure.

  4. Congratulation, your hard work and patience made you part of RRD and you will be good at it all,
    see you back home Bra.

  5. Hey Mathieu - welcome to the RRD team - We are looking forward to ride with you in California and beyond ;-)