Thursday, 10 November 2011

Feedback from Polish Kite Champ. Jurata 2011

Below short feedback from Polish Kite Champ. Jurata 2011:

Polish Championships which were also the Polish Cup finale Ford Kite Cup 2011 took place in Jurata.
The three-day of competitions were held in a beautiful sunny weather at the Baltic sea beach.
The first day we had to wait until the evening, but then the wind increased to a sufficient force to complete 2 races .
In both races won Blazej Ozog, who is very well skilled for light wind conditions, the second at the finish in both races was Tomek Janiak, the most dangerous opponent of BŁażej.
The second day of competition also started quite slowly, but the weather proved to be gracious, and at 1 p.m. races started again.
The course was slightly shorter, and was set close to shore. The wind was blowing average 8 knots, allowed the public to observe many struggling kiters and reward them with applause after they cut the finish line.
Blazej won all four races, but his advantage was not visible, and in the last race before the break was barely 1 second (slightly more than the length of the board). In this race the wind came here to the 10
knots, which suits more for Tomek and the other riders.
After an hour break, race director managed to play the next four races in which riders caught a second breath, because the fight was much closer than in previous races.
Tomek finish regatta on 2nd place, and on the third place was Mark Rowinski, who competed very well especially upwind.
In freestyle master division, as in previous contests won Tomek Janiak again, ahead of Tomek Lebecki and Michael Olbrychski.

Tomek Janiak

Photo credit: Łukasz Nazdraczew (

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