Friday, 11 November 2011


by Fabrice Beaux
Photos by Kevin Pritchard/Maui Nerd Production
riders: Fabrice Beaux, Jordan Reid, Royn Bartholdi

This was one of my best trip of the season. It had to do with the  great vibe and the over all positive energy of everyone involve in this American Windsurfing Tour event.
We made our camp right at the point, facing the famous San Carlos perfect point break. This was the ideal set up as it turn out that we got glassy waves in the morning and amazing windsurfing conditions in the afternoon right in front of our living room. And this everyday for the entire week we were there.
It was cool to hang out with the US RRD team Riders, Jordan Reid and Royn Bartoldi, and between the 3 of us we had a large quiver of boards to use, test, share and enjoy.
This trip was a non stop wave riding festival, full of adrenaline rush, tacos and cervezas. The Baja California, San Carlos Mexican Desert point break once again lived up to its reputation, delivered
the goods and had us return to the modern world with a big smile on our face.

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  1. Great editing, Fabrice! Looks like a sweet trip.

    I've been logging so many moves in my office chair. I should bring in the Helmet cam and post the action! HA!

    Memphis Johnny