Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ponta Preta updates...

RRD Italian rider Renato Casati just sent us a quick update about his last sessions in Ponta Preta, the legendary Cape Verde spot...
"Hi guys, the wave season it's started !
...and the first really big swell with some wind too finally reached Punta Preta, Capo Verde.
We have had 3 good days with medium swell high (2-4 mt) and 14-18 knots of wind. The wind was really Cross, very off shore, so it was little difficult to make radical and vertical lines, but just to stay into the inside of Punta Preta it's always a big emotion!

I just tested all the new stuff 2012 RRD.

The new Religion MK II, it's simply magic and I found it much improved than last year: more stable, it
seems with more useful window, but still keeping a great turning speed.

The new RRD surf kiteboards are REALLY SO GOOD !!!!

FANTASTIC feeling with Gitana 2, 5'11" !!!! My favourite !
Maquina it's really a machine for universal conditions and Salerosa a good confimation of the excellent board that was last year for on shore waves.
...and this year with the new construction technology the boards seem being really really heavy duty!

Stay tuned, the season it's just started and Capo Verde it's not only Punta Preta..!!!"

Renato Casati


  1. uau ! what a waves !!!!

  2. Very good style. The board is beatiful,