Thursday, 24 November 2011

Listopadowy K-Race traning

We are preparing for the last regatta of the season in Poland, trained yesterday(Dominic Glogier and Tomek Janiak) at " the Little Sea" (Hel Penissula).
As for the end of the season (2nd half of October) is very warm, which allows us such trainings.
As an interesting statistic by reading from a handheld monitoring device:

Distance: 28.5 km
Time: 1.25 h
Average speed: 20 km / h
Max Speed​​: 48 km / h
The average pulse: 130 beats / min
Max pulse: 158 beats / min

On Saturday - the end of the season regatta. Keep your fingers crossed for the weather!
Ps. I have a feeling that this is not last time on the water, because there is no winter on the horizon!

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