Monday, 31 January 2011

Stefanino Lorioli in action @ Stintino

Check it out!

Finian Blog words

Dear RRD blog readers.
I am currently in Maui with my family. The conditions for slalom
training since the New Year have been not bad, especially for January,
and we expect a new trade wind cycle to begin tomorrow. I have been
putting the new XF V3 112 thru some quite rigorous training in
sometimes very challenging conditions and I must admit I am impressed.
The 135 has also been on the water several times and this board looks
set to be very competitive this year. Both boards have the potential
to win so now it is about putting in the work and hopefully get the
desired result in the first event of the year, Vietnam.
Normally the start of our year is later so this is a refreshing change
that will surely get the main players to show their cards early in the
season, which is exciting whether looking from the inside or the
outside. I think this is the year where there can be multiple event
winners and tight points until the end in the race for the title so
keep tuned and see how it all unfolds as I will begin to write on this
blog from time to time to keep some 'insider' views coming your way.
Good sailing and all the best, Finian


Torvaianica, Italy

OneEye, Mauritius island this August

Barbados... COMING SOON...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Arrianne in Brazil

Last month I made a movie from my windsurftrip in Brazil, this is the link: 

Best regards, 

Arrianne Aukes

Matthew and Paul pictures from Corro

"Over the Australia Day long weekend the west coast had some nice
fun sized waves with good winds for those sailors prepared to travel.
RRD rider Mathew Gwynne (15) keeps sailing better and better and is
now really enjoying his new Hardcore quads. Matthew spent around 15
hours in the water over three days perfecting his stalled forwards,
mega backloops and wave riding.
Paul from the RRD Australian Importers - 2ndwind Sailboards - was
enjoying a rare wave day, having not seen much surf this season.
The boards and sails are working very well."

Some pics of Matthew at Corros.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shawn Richman & RRD VISION @ La Ventana Classics (Baja Mexico)

Quick heads up from the La Ventana Classics event.
Shawn Richman won the Big Air / Freestyle competition in the La
Ventana Classics this weekend.
In the first heats he used the 2011 Obsession 9m, and on the final
heat the 2011 Obsession 10.5m, with the prototype 2011 Poison Contest
132 x 41.
On another announcement, the 2011 RRD Vision got introduced for the
first time in North America (probably in the world) this weekend at
the La Ventana Classics, Baja, Mexico.
The new kites have been received with very positive comments from
almost 50 people who tried them during this event.
Amazingly stable, relaunching like nothing, predictable, impressive
glide, and overall performance.

RRD in action in South Africa

Abel Lago in action on Religion

New VISION KITE in action

Roberto and the RRD R&D crew is actually based in Cape Town,
testing new boards and tuning new kites...
As usual conditions down there are perfect to test everything in all
the range of conditions
those pics are about a warming session,
but stay tuned something... radical is coming soon!

Friday, 21 January 2011

The King of Jeri

Check out this coool video about Jericoacoara...
The video is very well edited and you can find a very cool portrait of Edvan Sousa and Chico Bento (unfortunately with old sponsors equipment)
 The action is great and Edvan show his incredible freestyle skill!!!

Check it out the King of Jeri in action!!!

Untitled from Marco on Vimeo.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


All details are available on the official website

Official World On Line in PDF version is available:

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Skyboy news: Cape Town going off.

Andrea "Gigolino" Rosati looking the monster in the eyes
Florian Jung again in action after Cape Verde injury
Over mast high sized waves
Skyeboy balls to the wall
Roberto riding on his kiteboard

I have been in Cape Town for 4 days now and its been going off. Yesterday we had a pretty big swell and had 2 great sessions. Firstly towards Cape Point at Scarborough and then later in the evening at Haakgat. Both spots over mast high in the sets and some pretty heavy go downs at both spots. We had the RRD team of myself, Andrea Rosati and Flo, plus Team Fanatic were there and of course semi-local Phil Horrocks was on hand to demonstrate how to sail each spot the best. Everyone was ripping and it was super fun sailing. Scarborough was probably bigger, but Haakgat was more punishment. Got hammered so many times trying to get out! The pic is from some video that Jem shot... thanks Jem. 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Danilo Menezes da Silva joins RRD

Danilo Menezes da Silva, Chico Bento for friends, will be on RRD
boards and rigs next season...
Chico is a very young, talented and dedicated freestyler,
so we're excited having him in our Freestyle team.
He will attend all the PWA and EFPT freestyle tour with his friend and
team mate Edvan Souza,
and we're sure he will help us to spread some RRD action & love all
around the world...
Keep tuned on
Name: Danilo Menezes Da Silva
NIckname: Chico Bento
Birth date : 23/05/1987
Discipline: FreeStyle
Nationality: Brazilian
Sail: BRA 83
Favourite gear: Twin Tip 88 lt.
Favourite spots: Jericoacoara - Brazil
Hobbles: Capeira

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lancelin ocean classic

Lancelin ocean classic race weekend January 8th 2011.
RRD had a great weekend at the Lancelin Ocean classic continuing to
pick up placings thoughout the range of events from the giant ocean
marathon to the slalom racing and wave events.
In the ocean marathon held in 18 to 24 knots and a rising swell the
competitors found the going very tough. Gear selection was critical as
the wind normally fills in half way down the 25 km race. With many
sailors going too big on sail choice the sailors needed full
concentration and focus to finish the race in one piece.
Local PWA racer Jesper Orth finished in third place of the Elite
division despite boom failure mid way through the race. He was riding
the X-fire 102.
First Junior home was RRD rider Matthew Gwynne in 24th place overall
riding the X-fire 90. This place would have given him 6th in the open
class, not bad for 15 years old.
Third place Junior was another young RRD rider Felix Spencer in 42
place overall riding an X-fire 80 in his first attempt at the famous
ocean race.
Paul from the Australian importers of RRD, 2ndwind Sailboards, (on
track for his best result ever in the top twenty before line failure
caused his retirement) said the feeling amongst those who raced there
own or borrowed an RRD board, was over whelmingly positive about the
X-fire boards in these tough conditons.
He Said " I felt that up until that point the X-fire 90 was the reason
for such a good race due to the unbelievable control this board offers
in the rough broad reaches. Any board control issues were caused not
by the boards mis-behaving but due to poor sail size selection and
being way too overpowered. Even riders on the larger sizes felt the
same way. The comfort was a key factor as the board's speed's are top
level. The fact that Jesper Orth finished 3rd with serious boom
failure shows how easy the X-fires are to sail. He could so easily
have taken 2nd without the problem and in these tough conditions 1st
wasn't out of reach if the leader makes a mistake."

The Slalom event held on the Sunday was held in very good racing
conditions with some very tight competition.
The slalom was won by RRD rider Jesper Orth.
The wave event was completed in 25 knots of wind after the marathon on
the Saturday with waves pumping from head to half mast high. Just the
right conditions for some great moves and solid rides.
RRD riders also featured in the results with Matthew Gwynne taking 2nd
followed by Felix Spencer in 3rd in the Junior class. Matthew was
riding the RRD HC quad and RRD vogue wave sails while Felix was using
the 75 Cult quad.
Alan Gwynne placed 2nd in the Masters riding the RRD 90 twin and Vogue
wave sails.

An RRD board was given away at the prize giving ceremony. This was a
lucky draw for all the non Elite competitors that entered the
marathon, to reward participation in the race by weekend sailors. It
is these sailors that help make the event so good and bring the number
of entrants to around 200 each year.
This year June Hill of Safety bay won an RRD of her choice after her
first attempt in the race.
So overall a great weekend of racing and a successful result for RRD
and a great start to 2011 windsufing.

Attached is a photo of June Hill recieving her prize from Australian
RRD Importer Jez Hammond.
2ndwind sailboards

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Edvan BRA 250 in Surf!!!!!!!

Edvan Souza, RRD World Cup windsurfing freestyler, ripping in Jeri on
RRD 9'2" Malibu X-Tech
Great ride dude!
Ciao ragazzi.......
vi invio alcune foto di Edvan sulle onde di Jericoacoara - Brazil.
Questo anno a Jeri il periodo di Natale e Fine Anno (2010/2011) non è
stato molto ventoso,
ma come potete vedere dalle foto,le onde erano fantastiche!!!!!!!
WindJeri FreeStyle Team

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2011

Great start of the year for RRD team rider Jesper Orth AUS.

3'rd in the Marathon
1'st in the Slalom next day.

Here is what Jesper had to say:

"First off all, respect to all sailors finishing the 2011 LOC race. It
was indeed hard conditions out there.

The day of the race started up good, with a solid sea breeze kicking in.

Choice of weapons where the Xfire 102 or 112 and KA Koncept 7.5 or 6.4.
For me the race is a lot about comfort over the distance, so I was
pretty sure to use the 102 board with a small 30 fin. 7.5 were the
right choice as well.

The start was not too good, so I was catching sailors on the first leg
out. At the first mark I could only see Dan Engdal who got the best
start and then Bjoern chasing him in front of me. On 2'nd leg I passed
Dan and could see Bjoern was not going as deep as we where, so at the
2'nd mark Bjorn was just 10 m from me ( he already jibed).

From then on he gained some distance and I was sitting in 2'nd. I
looked back to insure nobody was catching up from behind, but didn't
right away spot Chris Lockwood who past below me,,, So from then on
"our battle began" (as many times before)

I managed to just pass Chris again after fighting very hard, over 1
long downwind leg, and even gained a little distance. Enough so I
thought "OK that should secure 2'nd place for me",,,

Straight after I catapulted over a chop,, and went hard down on the
boom and heard this crack noise from the boom head and sure enough I
broke the plastic and shredded the boom head line. I thought for sure
the race was over for me!!

But some how I managed to water start, with the boom now sided all the
way down in the boom cut out and only holding itself together with a
2mm shredded line and wobbling like crazy. I still can't believe it
hold together to the end,,

Chris past me when I was laying in the water. I did manage to get up
fairly quick and decide to give it a "all or nothing" to catch Chris.
I actually caught up with him and wondered why he's jibe "was so wide
and slow?" (but later discovered he had the back problem). My jibe was
just as lame as I didn't wanted to "push" my boom to explosion,, so we
ended out side by side,,

On the last leg towards the finish I eventually past over the top of
him, then we had to point upwind a bit to make it to the gate and my
"low setting" boom was just so inefficient pointing and I could hear
that Chris would come around me and he did. Think we even hit each
other in the process, as I tried to push him high,, he he

Pretty stoked to make the podium and in the end very lucky that the
boom held up."

Next day we had 4 rounds of slalom and I used the Xfire 112 with 7.5.
Great and fun racing and I ended up winning it.


Monday, 10 January 2011

4 seasons - cap0

4 seasons _ cap0 from Martin Rendo on Vimeo.

Abel Lago introduces his new project called "4seasons"
4 Seasons is based on the life of Abel Lago, Kitesurf World Champion,
and on his assault to the World Title in 2011.
Is the idea of creating four videos filmed during year 2011 and
edited, produced every three month. One video each season.
On his way Abel will travel to some of the best spot in the World and
he will practice some of the more radical water sports like kitesurf,
windsurf, surf or SUP.

Kite Zadar Croatia


One Kite video from Nacional Team Rider Hrvoje Bulic – BRICO

Place: Zadar Kolovare, Croatia

South wind



Marco Juliot: NEWS 2011


Some New Pics of the wave equipment 2011 with a Fiat 500 (typical
italian no?) ;-)

Thanks to the family for the support!



Not another Jeri movie - Al Bentley K-301

More Windsurfing Videos

Al Bentley freestyle windsurfing in Brazil 2010, shot in Jeri, Lagoa
Azul and Camocim.

Arctic New Year's Day Session on the Baltic

we're having quite a tough winter in Germany so far. We were getting
some sun and wind in on New Year's Day though. It was really cold and
you can actually see patches of ice on the photos. I still decided to
give it a try and go windsurfing. Waves were rather small and the wind
quite up and down but it was still a great day and a good way to start
Happy New Year to all of you! See you on the water!