Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pietro Pacitto still rides... HardCore!

Ultimamente ci eravamo abituati a vedere Pietro dsegnare cure con kite
e surfboard, oppure intubarsi pagaia alla mano,
ma a quanto pare non ha dimenticato come si fa a surfare in windsurf e
ci ha girato le foto che potete trovare nella Gallery di www.windsurf-roma.it

A giudicare da quanto ci scrive (poche, ma sentite parole), sembra
proprio che i nuovi giocattoli RRD windsurfing gli siano piaciuti
Enjoy the ride!!!

"ciao, guardate che belle foto mi hanno fatto qualche giorno fà
sono publicate su wsroma
la tavola è strepitosa così come il rig, tutto molto bello

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010

Prima Tappa Cearence Brasil di FreeStyle - Edvan first

Here you can find some action and news about Edvan's victory at first Ceara Freestyle Event. 25 riders on the water and 2 riders RRD in the Top 3. Not that bad!
Stay tuned...

Ciao Ovidio,
sono rientrato Sabato da Jericoacoara BRASIL, dove si è disputata la prima Tappa Cearence di FreeStyle, grande risultato di Edvan primo e di Sassà terzo, fra più di 25 atleti in acqua.

Ecco il podio:

1 Edvan BRA-250 (RRD-SIMMER)
2 IAN BRA-85 (JP-Neil Pride)

3 Sassà BRA-64 (RRD-RRD)

Ti allego alcune foto della giornata.
WindJeri FreeStyle Team

Update PKRA New Caledonia


Here you can find a quick report from our top rider:
"By the time it's time to wake up in Europe, it's the end of the 3rd day of the PKRA in Nouméa.
On the first day, I had a pretty bad start on Freestyle losing on the 2nd round against Marc Jacob. He's been riding really well, and me not that much, escpecially after a big crash I had on a KGB, I was a bit disoriented !
It's not over for Freestyle as I'm waiting for the double to climb up in the ranking, and I'm really motivated about it.
Yesterday, Day 2, we had the famous long distance between the "Phare Amedée" and the Event Spot, which is around 20 km. I finished in the 3rd place with a time of 26:38, behind Siret and Hebert. That's one podium for me !
And today, the single elimination Freestyle as been completed, but no Double Yet. After the end of the Single, it was the time for the Board Off Competition. Of course I attend this discipline that I really love, to show to all the spectator all we can do with a kite. The wind was blowing pretty strong, enough to be well powered on my 7m Obsession. With my huge Board Flip I sticked in the Final, I took the win of this discipline, so I'm really stoked !
After One podium in Long Distance, and One first place in the 2nd discipline Board Off, I just can't wait to battle in the Freestyle Double elimination, and I will go full power on It !
Here are some links so watch pics of Day 1 2 and 3. Where you can see me in full action while I'm flipinn' my board !

And here you can watch the daily vidéos.
Keep Updated !
Cheers !

Check out Seb Rocking in 3rd place at Long Distance Competition:

Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Caledonia 2010 - Teri Kitesurf Pro - Start Single Elimination

First 2 days of competitions are gone.
After the freezing Argentina experience, this time riders are enjoying some warm and sunny conditions!

Our team rider Seb Garat is one of the local, and even if he suffered an elimination in second round against kiwi rider Mark Jacobs, we're pretty sure he can came back to top positions in the double.

So finger crossed for the next days and enjoy the official PKRA video with Seb Garat intoriducing his backyard event"

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Julien Quentel Vice World Champion IFCA SLALOM 2010

Sylvain Moussilmani, in a head to head competition with Julien
Quentel, wins the Slalom World Cup in Flecheiras.
So, after a long fight Julien complete his long season full of
nationals and international titles, becoming 2010 IFCA slalom vice-
World Champion!
Bravo Julien!!!
Congratulations from all the RRD Family!!!

2010 PWA CABO VERDE WORLD CUP – Flo feels better now

Hey all,
I am back in germany and in the hospital right now.
but it seems that there is nothing broken the ligaments are fine just
the cuts are pretty deep.
I gonna have a "ct" tomorrow and then I'll know more...
if everything works I am released in a few days... so i was still not
too bad and i ll have a fast recovery.
thanks for asking
all the best

Skyeboy: Over and out (probably)

Its not quite finished, but it probably is! We still have 2 more days
to go in Cape Verde, but the forecast is for less wind and less waves,
and already yesterday it was tiny. So I think that is it for this
event and therefore for the year. If it does stay like this I finish
11th. Its my best finish for a few years, but cant help thinking it
could have been a lot higher. Normally my best event is Sylt, (which
had no wind) plus here would have mixed things up a bit, being the
only starboard tack event. 11th at least gives me a good seed for next
year, so hopefully I can build on this year and move further up the
ranking. IF we do get some wind and waves, I am laughing as my
opponent has already gone home, but actually that is probably the best
move now. Back to the UK in 3 days and then off to GC next week.
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Sunday, 21 November 2010


A dramatic day sees four more heats completed, a man in hospital, the first title contender down, and a few less urchins on the rocks of Curral Joul!

After a short period on standby and with signs of the new North swell materialising, head judge, Duncan Coombs made the call for the fleet to go straight to Curral Joul today. The minute the sailors arrived, the wind increased, and the occasional set wave caused a stir. Following a frantic rigging frenzy, a third of the fleet were on the water within a few minutes, gaining vital knowledge of a spot most of them had never sailed.

No time was wasted in making the decision to begin the contest in the boom to head high waves and 8-10 knot breeze. The sailors were given thirty minutes to prove their worth in a man-on-man duel under the watchful eye of the international judging panel in which two wave rides would count towards their overall score.

The final heat of the day saw Canarian ripper, Dany Bruch pass ahead of our German rider, Florian Jung (RRD, Gun, Dakine). After Jung's first few waves, he spent a prolonged period stuck on the inside, unable to get back out until late in the heat. Flo eventually made it back out, but by that time the wind had begun to decrease, and the waves flattened off leaving him with an almost impossible task in the dying minutes.

The gnarly rocks of Curral Joul took their first casualty today in the form of German, Florian Jung (RRD, Gun, Dakine). Having completed his heat against Bruch, he was hotfooting it over the rocks when a wave washed in and forced his sail against his leg. 
At the time of going to post it we do not know the extent of his injuries, just that he has sustained multiple fractures and multiple dislocations of his foot, ankle, and leg. We wish him all the best on his road to recovery.


Friday, 19 November 2010

Toselli in action @ Speed Classic 2010

IFCA Slalom Worlds 2010 - Day 2

Head to head battle for the first place in the Slalom Worlds

At the end of the second day of the Slalom Worlds, Julien Quentel (RRD, Neil Pryde) leads with 5.7 points lost. Followed by Sylvain Moussilmani and Gabriel Browne, tied, one point behind. Antoine Questel won the last race and is now the 4th in the race for the Slalom World Title.

Lanes 19/11/2010 SUP RRD........aloha

Italian rider Marco Bosi,
takes off his glassy SUP session in Maui

Skyeboy: Cape Verde half way through

Yann Sorlut takes off
Kenneth looks out

Skyeboy enjoys some close out falls

I think tomorrow will be the half way point of the contest and so far
we have just one heat completed. Its not been too bad though as we
have surfed everyday so been in the water loads. Conditions have
always been just under what we need, with really really light winds
and then today the waves dropping too. Tomorrow looks like a full rest
day, before the next swell hits on Saturday and we should hopefully
get fully underway. Stay tuned!
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Thursday, 18 November 2010

IFCA Slalom Worlds 2010 - Day 1

First day of the IFCA Slalom Worlds 2010.
Two full rounds of Slalom were completed on first day of racing
Alice Arutkin (FRA 111) dominated the ladies division; but competition
is a lot closer in the men with Gabriel Browne (BRA 50) and Julien
Quentel (FRA 421) both winning a round.

1) Gabriel Browne (BRA 50)
2) Julien Quentel (FRA 421)
3) Steve Allen (AUS 0)

1) Alice Arutkin (FRA 111)
2) Monica Veras (BRA 878)
3) Juliana Shelef (BRA 124)