Monday, 28 February 2011

Finian Blog words from Vietnam

"Hi to the RRD family from Vietnam. We are all here and ready for the
first PWA slalom world cup of the season. The tension is in the air
and the races begin tomorrow. I am sure it will be an exciting event
and the forecast for the first few days looks ok so the racing action
is set to be hotly contested. I was sailing today in light wind with
several of the guys, I feel good and I am hoping for a good event.
Let's see what happens...all the best, Finian"


Wakesurfing on Castiglione della Pescaia - Tuscany / Italy

Two wild boars...riding the endless wave

Location: Castiglione della Pescaia - Tuscany
Boat: RRD Cayman 50
Riders: David Pecchi, Davide "Bibi" Donnini
Boards: RRD Domingo 5'8" LTD

Skyeboy: SUP session in front of our house

Last week Animal rider Kirsty Jones was staying with us in GC and
shooting with Nayra for an SUP article. One of their sessions was
right in front of the house, so I joined them for a few waves and Dani
Miguel took a couple of shots of me too. This spot is really nice and
literally 100 metres from our front door. Its right on the town beach,
so there is a view of the whole city on one side, and the north shore
on the other. And best of all its still warm enough to SUP in shorts
and a wetty top! My new 9'2 RRD Diamond tail LTD is working really
nicely and had a few good sessions on it recently. The week ahead
looks like more of a windsurfing week though, so looking forward to

Friday, 25 February 2011

TINE SLABE @ Dakhla Festival - Longdistance 1

here is a news from RRD team rider Tine Slabe, who actually is in Morocco attending a very interesting event: the DAKHLA FESTIVAL.

Here is a small report from him... check it out and stay connected on RRD!

"Last weekend I left to Dakhla, Morocco. I was invited for the long distance, but the first days there was lighter winds so I was surfing and SUP-ing. Today we did the first long distance race of about 45 km. I was with my Aero 8.7 and RRD X-fire 112 and the sail was a bit big so I could not go full the whole 1 h. I finished the race 3rd and I am happy with it. It was a long and tough race, but the forecast for tomorrow is good and we might go for the longest race ever, an impressive 90km!

You can check the race live on :

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A B E L >> L A G O: Buenas condiciones!!!

It seems RRD team keeps ripping in South Africa... here some news from Abel...

A B E L >> L A G O: Buenas condiciones!!!:
"Finalmente las buenas condiciones han vuelto, viento y olas. Ayer volvimos a grabar para el video de RRD con condiciones muy buenas."

Finally the good conditions are back, wind and waves. Yesterday we
recorded for the video of RRD with very good condition


for more info CLICK HERE

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

2011 Kite Waveriding Camps video sum up

RRD Team rider ND Fly edited a video sum up of his 2011 Kite
Waveriding Camps in Philippines Island.

more infos on

Some news from Capetown

Four weeks in Capetown passed by fast. We had great time with a lot of
different surf conditions and just a few days without wind. The new
quad boards work great!
Here are some pics of our trip. Hope you like...
Oli and Michaela

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Roberto Ricci himself just sent an update from South Africa:

Hi all,
brand new team rider Luke Mc Gillewie,
actually the N° 1 on the South Africa Wave Tour, just won the Big Bay
using RRD Gitana 6'1" and RRD Religion kites!
Congratulations Luke!!!

Roberto Ricci
Ricci International Srl
Via Rubino 15/19
58100 Grosseto

Monday, 21 February 2011

Gerard Sanchez in South Africa

Here are some photos of Cape Town, the place is perfect for
practicing tricks radical hope you enjoy. I will soon send more..
Regards Gerard Sanchez

Seb Garat riding Vania - New Caledonia

"Here’s a small edit from my session the day before the Red Alert for the Tropical Strom called “Vania”. It was a 40 knots wind, just good for some LOOPS !"
Seb Garat

Check it out some MEGA loops from our mad looper Seb Garat

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Progression Kiteboarding

RRD Team in action in South Africa...

Check it out

Fernando in action on RRD Diamond LTD

Check it out...

This one is cool...

...and this one too...

Adam Sims wins the EsseXpression

Congrats to Adam Sims for winning the first Xpression freestyle event of the year in UK

Well done Adam!

Adam Sims at Point Clear, by Dave White
Adam Sims at Point Clear, by Dave White

Check it out Adam's report on Boards website:


RRD are proud to introduce
The first true movie in the windsurf history.

RRD are proud to release a SPECIAL PROMO DVD introducing a new project for international team rider and artist Sylvain Demercastel featuring also RRD team mate Fabrice Beaux: a true movie based on a true story, plus a full quality Photo Book about the "making of the movie". The PROMO DVD
contains an exclusive 10 minute edited sample of the movie and a bonus section with the 2010 RRD photo shoot.
The SPECIAL PROMO DVDs will be available in all recognised RRD Shops.

Download Official Press Release HERE

More infos and promo deal on

Friday, 11 February 2011


Ciao everybody,
check it out a preview of a new RRD video coming soon...

here you can see Abel, Roberto and Luke in action on RRD Gitana boards and Religion/Vision kites...

Enjoy the ride!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Whitstable Street 10-15mph

Adam Sims and Max Rowe did a great job making moves in super light winds at Whitstable. This was the first time trying out some new filming equipment.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Luca Marcis joins RRD

Luca Marcis, talented waterman based in Sardinia just joined RRD
National Team.
During the season Luca will be on Tour all over the Italian peninsula
and will put all his experience and technical skill and knowledge at
disposal of RRD dealers and purchasers
Welcome aboard Luca!
Ricci International è orgogliosa di presentare Luca Marcis,
nuovo team rider RRD che oltre ad utilizzare tutti i materiali
prodotti dalla casa Grossetana (kite, windsurf, SUP e surf), diventerà
un punto di riferimento tecnico per tutta la rete distributiva del
marchio RRD del Belpaese. Luca non è solo un dotatissimo kiter, ma è
un waterman a tutto tondo, capace di poter dire la sua anche su una
tavola da surf, da SUP o da windsurf, e la sua preparazione e
competenza tecnica saranno a disposizione di negozianti ed
appassionati nel corso dei vari Tour che Luca effettuerà in Italia nel
corso della stagione.
Benvenuto a bordo Luca!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hi there,
15 degrees in February is not bad at all,

Maui's being goooodddd!

Can't find much else to say...

Nice to be back on the island after a quick holiday stint in Canada
where one day the temperature reached -45 celcius with the windchill
factor! Ouch! ...great snowboarding though.... All to say that all
is swell and feels great to be back in boardshorts and flip
flops ...and moreso, feels great to be back on a board holding on to a

Lights out after yet another "tiring" day on "the rock"!....

Aloha from da rainbow island, hope this finds you all well!!

Patrick Bergeron

Very important "P.S." BIG mahalo to Jimmie for adding an UNREAL
dimension to so many sessions ...his dedication in immortalizing our
sessions and especially our after-sessions has been pushing every
single one of us ever since he showed up on the hill at Hookipa!
addition he has not missed a single decent day out there since he
first showed up last spring, that's impressive!! ...and in the big
picture, helping windsurfing as a whole!! TWO ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS

RRD Gondoliers

Sympa video edited by Fred Bonet, with Arnaud GARDAIS and Eddy Van
Baelingen paddling during last RRD-NISSAN SURFIN'VENICE

Enjoy it

Shawn Richman in La Ventana

Shawn Richman riding new RRD Vision 12m and RRD Contest 40 in lightwind conditions right after winning La Ventana Classic BigAir-OldSkool competition.

Friday, 4 February 2011

RRD X-FIRE LTD V3 in action

Check it out!

2011 Shooting Juice - Contest - Vision


I got a news for you guys !
I just received some new toys for the 2011 RRd Collection !

As you can see, there's a new twin Tip called the "Contest". Full
Carbon, really light with the perfect pop, same size than the Poison
but more efficient for better performance ! It's a real pleasure to
ride it.

A new board make his entry into the 2011 collection. It's called the
Juice. It's been designed to be ridden with boots or straps. If you
like the "wakestyle" feeling, this board is for U. It's longer and
wider than a poison, 140x42,5.
Small fins (2,5), channels, a double concave on the tips and a flat
middle area, it have a real wake influence. It's a different feeling
to ride than a regular freestyle board, with less grip on the fins !
100 % Power, 100% pleasure !

Action Video soon... !

Keep Connected with RRD !

Felix Spencer Action Video

Here is a link for a short video I made riding my 2011 cult 75 quad
board. I thought you might like to post it to the RRD blog page.

I am a team rider for 2ndwind sailboards and placed third in the
junior division of the Lacelin Ocean Classic 2011 wave event.
Felix Spencer