Thursday, 27 August 2009

last week`s pictures

Hello ,

here some fresh pictures from germany`s isle Rügen.
Last week in the morning low wind in wiek and in the evening when the wind was a little bit stronger a short session in kreptitz in the north of the Isle.

Hope you like some pictures

Chr. Koch

Gizzeria training

io sono ancora qui a Gizzeria ad allenarmi in vista della 3° tappa FKI che si terrà qui il 4-5-6 settembre.
Vi terrò aggiornati sugli sviluppi...

allego qualche foto dell'ultima uscita che ho fatto sullo stretto di messina, precisamente a Punta Pellaro

Open Brasil de Kitesurf

vi mando qualche foto della 2 gara del campionato brasiliano.
Evandro aveva vinto la prima tappa e Tomais era arrivato 3°.

Questi invece sono i risultati della 2° tappa
Freestyle Pro
1 josè evandro (RRD)
2 tomàis teixeira (RRD)
3 eudàsia silva

freestyle amador
1 alexandre oliveira (RRD)
2 diego ibiapina
3 ramon sales

Abbiamo portato 3 ragazzi a pipa e i risultati non sono mancati!
Per maggiori informazioni basta guardare nel sito

saluti Ivo
Here you can find some pictures of the 2nd event of Brazilian Kite Open Championships.
RRD team rider Josè Evandro won first event, while team mate Tomais Teixeira got 3rd.

Those are final result of second event:
Freestyle Pro
1 josè evandro (RRD)
2 tomàis teixeira (RRD)
3 eudàsia silva

freestyle amador
1 alexandre oliveira (RRD)
2 diego ibiapina
3 ramon sales

With just 3 team riders attending the competition,
we scored really a great result!

For more informations check it out

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Skyeboy Video on boardseeker

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know my video is on Boardseeker this week. I will put
it on Youtube afterwards and send you the link for your blog. But for
now you can check it out at.

Hope you are all well and having a good holiday!



Press release – 16th August 2009

KPWT Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro 2009
Kiteboard Pro World Tour
11th – 16th August 2009

The KPWT Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro has come to an end today. It has been a successful week for kitesurfing and we have witnessed some World Class Kitesurfing! Some new names from Belgium have impressed in the freestyle discipline and some very exciting course racing took place.
We had a huge response from the city of Dunkerque and many spectators came to appreciate the kitesurfing and the festivities on offer.

Course Racing started off the kitesurfing action today! The first race started at 14h07 and the course was set out over 2 laps that were roughly 10 minutes each. The wind was blowing over 20knots, which pushed the riders’ endurance rather than tactics. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA) reached the upwind buoy first, followed by Abel Lago (SPA, RRD), Olivier Dansin (FRA, NORTH) and Antoine Auriol (FRA, KITELOOSE). They picked up super speed on the downwind and charged the buoy for the second lap.
Race was on and Richman reached the finish line in first place after 18 minutes of speedy racing! In second place, not too far behind was Lago. Dansin seemed to have third place in his sights, but on the home straight he crashed a couple of times allowing an excited Lukasz Ceran (POL, NORTH) through.
Richman: “What a fun race, the wind was quite strong and it was quite tricky to know where the sand banks are. My fins are over 30cm long so you need to watch out for this!”

A quick rest for the riders and the race director went straight into race 2 for the day.
He moved the upwind buoy a little further away, but the wind had increased to 22 knots so the course time was relatively similar to the previous race. The second race started at 14h52 and off they went! Jesse Richman once again charged the upwind buoy in first place, followed tightly by Antoine Auriol and Abel Lago! Downwind was certainly exciting, as the wind was strong and the riders were using every bit they could to build up good speed! Richman crossed the finish line first after 18 minutes on the water, followed by Julien Kerneur (FRA, NORTH) and Pierre Romain (FRA, NORTH).

Antoine Auriol raced well and was looking good, but third place seemed to be a curse for the riders today and he crashed just before the finish line! He recovered well and managed to still place fourth.

For the women, Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE) did tremendously and held strong to place first in both races and show her dominance here in the Course Racing in France.

The Course Racing stopped at 15h21. A quick adjustment to the buoys and off went the freestyle juniors just before 16h00. The race director ran 7minute heats with 3minute transitions.
The juniors were riding well in the conditions they were handed, but unfortunately the final and losers final was unable to be completed due to dangerous conditions. The wind was shifting onshore to offshore and gusting between 6 and 20 knots. Etiennes Freydrich (FRA, CABRINHA) looked good with some solid rotations, as did Danilo Nacarato (POR, SLINGSHOT) who performed a really cool Blind Judge 3.

The day ended at 18h00, and prize giving took priority on the main stage! Spectators gathered closely to see the Champions of the KPWT Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro 2009 receive their trophies!
Thank you to Christophe Hugoo and his team for a highly successful event on the KPWT 2009.
They have been nothing, but helpful, extremely well organized and professional in every aspect of the event.

The next stop on the 2009 KPWT is in Canada at the Shippagan Kitesurf World Cup, starting the 23rd September 2009 with registration.


First windsurfing contest where RRD was officially present in Romania

Dear all,
last weekend was the 1st edition of "Orange Cup" for windsurfing in Romania for amateurs.
There were 18 sportsman attending this contest. Unfortunately, due the wind conditions (8-10 knots), the entire contest was a bit on slow motion.
For the first time for us, RRD windsurfing gear was officially presented and marketed here and also RRD boards participated at the contest.

I am very proud to say that the winner (a 17 years old kid with big potential) was riding an RRD board.
For me personally it's a good achievement and a promising start in the Romanian windsurfing market.

Attached you will find some photos from the contest, I hope you will enjoy them as well.
Best regards,

PRESS RELEASE: Windsurfer International Magazine Launch

For Immediate Release
Please find attached Press Release and information regarding the launch of Windsurfer International Magazine - an eco-friendly, free to read monthly page-flip publication.
Please feel free to use the Embed code attached and Social Networking Share functions inside the magazine to spread the new title as far as possible to both existing and potential windsurfers worldwide.
Thanks in advance for your attention and assistance,
Brian McDowell

Andraz report: El Turnament

Hey everybody!

After Fuerteventura I went straight to Egypt where I was working for
quiksilver windsurfing school in El tur. On 6th and 7th of august
competition took place in the bay of El Tur. It was not a very big event,
small prize money but at least guys are working hard and something is going
on. The organizer was Ocean Source. There was around 10-15 competitors and I
took first place. I showed really good performance, doing all the new moves
booth sides. Now I stay in Dahab. The wind is normal again and I'm sailing
every day on 4.3 or 4.7 and 90l RRD Twintip. Prepare for new video...

Photos by Daniele, Video by Svetoslav Bolgarchuk.

Photos are on my blog:

And video:

Pegasus Airlines Alacati PWA World Cup

Above: The prize giving ceremony

Below: Findog in full control at the gybe

Above: Andrea Rosati in action
Below: Tine full speed

The 2009 Pegasus Airlines Alaçati PWA World Cup
official press releas

The cream rises to the top after 8 perfect rounds of high-octane slalom at the Alaçati PWA World Cup. Ghibaudo and Albeau reign as champions supreme.

The beautiful bay of Alaçati turned host, as the PWA World Slalom Tour called by for a week of racing action. Situated in the Aegean Sea, on the Cesme Peninsula of Turkey, the spot offers a windsurf paradise to all levels from complete beginner to World Cup Racer.

From the outset the action was intense. Stronger than usual Meltemi winds savagely tested the abilities of the top 64, as they fought for supremacy around the 4 gybe down wind slalom course, concluding just meters off the beach in front of a huge Turkish crowd.

Ross Williams (Tabou/Gaastra) and Sarah Hebert (Starboard/Naish) were the overnight leaders after Race 1, but neither could sustain their lead beyond. By the end of day two it was the flying Frenchies, Antoine Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) and Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou/The Loft) that rose to the top of the ranking, and from that point on, the fight was always for second.

Albeau, having already secured the Slalom World Title, looked cool, calm and collected. With the pressure off he put on a faultless display. Consistency was the key and as the points were tallied up at the close of the event he finished a league ahead.

Albeau “It was a really great event, with three days of good wind and really fair racing. I am super happy to be consistent; I was the only one to make all the finals.”

Meanwhile in the women’s contest Ghibaudo proved to the world she is in a class of her own. After a shaky start, she recorded an unprecedented string of first places, leaving her a perfect score of 4.2. The victory, coupled with her flawlessness accomplishments at all previous competitions, means she takes the Women’s PWA Slalom World Title for her first time ever, again counting only first places.

Behind these two Champions the race for the remaining podium spots was cut throat. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard/Severne) looked to have things under control, but disaster on day 4 saw him unwittingly
hand over the spot to the ever-consistent Finian Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde). Maynard looked strong all week, and albeit one mistake in race 4, made every final. This result cements his second place in the overall tour and with just one event to go Maynard exuded an air of confidence.

Maynard: “I am really happy. I trained hard this year and everything has come together. I now realize I can really challenge Antoine and next year my goal is definitely World Champion.”

With no wind for the final two days, Dunkerbeck had no chance to come back, but never the less, stood proud on the event podium. With moments of magic throughout the week it is clear he is still the man to beat, and his positivity towards the sport shows he will be around for many more years.

For the women the results could not have been closer. With just three points separating second and fourth, it turned out to be the race eight win that saw Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard/NeilPryde) take second position. Her improving performance ended with an impressive win, the only sailor to beat Ghibaudo around the course all week. Surely we have witnessed the first light of a blossoming slalom career?

Offringa “I came here positive, aiming for top three, but still I am really surprised. Next year I think I will still spend more time on my freestyle board, but we will see about slalom.”

Poor Sarah Hebert, just one point behind, watched as the second place podium slipped from her grasp. The highly focused French girl, (sailing for Armenia), has moved from strength to strength this year and as 2009 draws to a close see looks to have a secure grip of an overall podium finish.

By her usual high standards, Karin Jaggi’s (F2/Severne) event was not her best. Fourth place is not a fair representation of her talent, but unfortunately for the Swiss champ the lack of wind denied her the opportunity to recoup her losses.

Highlights of the week were considerable. Two ROZI cups gave the huge audience something to really cheer about. The format was simple; three teams of three sailors battling out for a healthy prize purse, right off the beach, lifting the crowd to new highs. Aided by the free flowing FOSTERS and CORNETTO ice creams, the carnival atmosphere was at full swing. Despite the huge support for Team Turkey however, it was the World Team that came out victorious.

The PWA Slalom tour now moves to Sylt for the final of the Men’s Tour. Join us then for the exciting conclusion to 2009. Until then, check out for news, videos, photos and plenty more.

Men’s Results after 8 Races.
1 Antoine Albeau NeilPryde, JP
2 Finian Maynard RRD, NeilPryde
3 Björn Dunkerbeck Starboard, Severne Sails
4 Micah Buzianis NeilPryde, JP
5 Kevin Pritchard Starboard, Gaastra, Dakine
6 Josh Angulo Dakine, Angulo, MauiSails
7 Steve Allen
8 Cyril Moussilmani Starboard, North Sails
9 Peter Volwater F2, MauiSails
10 Ben Van Der Steen Simmer Style, Exocet

Women’s Results after 8 Races.
1 Valérie Ghibaudo Loft Sails, Tabou Boards
2 Sarah-Quita Offringa Starboard, NeilPryde
3 Sarah Hebert Starboard, Naish Sails
4 Karin Jaggi F2, Severne Sails
5 Alice Arutkin Starboard, North Sails

John Heineken takes 3rd place in 2009 Kiteboard Course Racing World Championship

John Heineken (US, 21yrs) took third place on the world’s series course racing in San Francisco, behind Sean Farley (MEX), and Chip Wasson (US).
This is historical and news worthy!

RRD crew wants to congratulate Johnny for his amazing performance – he even took Sean Farley on one of the heats (the only racer who took one race from him).

On this link you can find a good report, some more pictures and the derect link to the official results files:

Here is the
2009 Kiteboard Course Racing World Championship
Final Ranking:

1. Sean Farley
2. Chip Wasson
3. Johnny Heineken
4. Damien Leroy
5. Bruno Sroka
6. Jesse Richman
7. Bjoern Rune Jensen
8. Dirk Hanel
9. Sky Solbach
10. Michael Gebhardt