Monday, 30 May 2011


Luca Marcis wins for the second time in a row with his production RRD
K-Race 65 the overall ranking of Italian Kite Race Championship held
in Sardinia in Oristano Bay.
The 3 days long race was really though and Luca had to fight hard
against his opponents, bud after a first day in very light air, he
found the right rhythm to take the leadership and keep it till the end
of the event.
The 3rd place of his team mate Andrea Beverino he too on a production
K-RACE 65, is the real proof of the great work of RRD Team and the
great performances of those race weapons!
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Ford Cup Poland Report

Below you can find Tomek Janiak report from the 1st polish kite cup 2011:
(foto: Łukasz Nadzarczew

Between 14th and 15th of May, on Hel peninsula ( Chałupy) the first (this season) Polish Kite Cup competitions (Ford Kite Cup) took place.
Held disciplines: kite race and freestyle. In kite race there were 13 competitors.
The first day of competition was all about kite race.
The wind strength was 7 up to 15 knots and that allowed to effectively start eight races on the course Up and Down Mark with 1 lap.

Starting on my new K-Race 65 and Addiction 16 kite I fought from the beginning for 1st position with last year's winner of the Polish Ford Kite Race Cup, Blazej Ożóg (NKB).
There was fierce fight for position 3-5 between Dominic Glogier (also RRD), Lukasz
Koński and Philip Porzucek. The rest smelled the breath of each rider's on their backs. We all fought with great determination using wind conditions, equipment and racing rules trying to checkmate enemy tactics, and sometimes also other ways to win.
As for the wind conditions, all existing forecasts has failed.
The reality showed that wind started blowing from the west, then changed to the north. It was very gusty (unstable) from 1B to strong 4B. At the shore was almost impossible to launch a kite and 200m from the shore gusts were so strong and unexpected that one of the rider was forced to perform freestyle tricks on race equipment .
To my surprise after eight races of day one I was leading, 2nd was Blazej, and 3rd place - Dominic Glogier .

On the second day of regatta 3 more races took place – one longer course, allowing riders to discard 3 worst results.
Blazej Ożóg, who this time was more focused during starts and sailed without any mistakes -finally managed to win all 3 races that day. Wind condition preferred lighter riders and since I'm over 15 kg
heavier then him it was easy to forecast final result , winning  slightly overall.
Unfortunately, when it comes to the Freestyle competition, this time the wind was too
weak to complete.

Kite Race Final results :
1. Błażej Ożóg (NKB)
2. Tomek Janiak (RRD Krace 65, addiction 16m)
3 .Łukasz Koński (Cabrinha)
4. Dominik Glogier (RRD Krace 65)
5. Filip Porzucek (custom)
6. Janusz Korchow (RRD Krace 65)
7. Adam Szymański (RRD Krace 65)
8. Leszek Mróz (custom NKB)
9. Max Lakowski (custom)
10. Andrzej Ożóg (custom Aguera)
11. Wojtek Marzec (RRD krave 50)
12. Jacek Daktera (RRD krace 50)
13. Andrzej Fal (custom)

Although 2nd place, I think that RRD Race equipment (Krace 65 &
Addiction 16m) I'm using is very good compering to NKB, especially in
stronger wind conditions showing great potential – I'm sure we will
all see about that in nearest future as next competition will be at
the end of May.

Kuba: News 2011!

Hi there!
Finally I'm back on the water. After almost two years of injuries I'm
back! Fully motivated and ready to go full power.
There are a lot of new projects coming so read the full story on my
Attached few pics from last sessions. If you will need full resolution
just please let me know!
Have a great day!

Jakub Kosmowski - POL288
Professional Windsurfer
Sponsors: RRD, Simmer Style, Da Kine, Go Pro, JFK Studio

Flo Update


here some photo from a little shorttrip to wales/uk where i scored
some good days...
nice place

all the best


SUPER 7'11" session!

Italian waterman Pietro Pacitto sent us a flash report about his
latest session on RRD SUPER SUP!
This board rides SUPER!!!
un paio di foto fatte con la go pro
con il nuovo super 7'11"
è veramente super!!!!
ciao Pietro

Friday, 20 May 2011


Saturday 21 of May 2011
Starting at 17.00
Everybody is welcome at

Opening Party

Michele: 331.1082415
Alessandro: 335.7797946

Bracciano training day

17th of May. Tuesday. Lunch hour. A good Tramontana wind breeze over the city of Rome. What can we do?
I decide to go for Bracciano where Andrea (a good friend of mine) was already waiting for me in front of a big "spaghetti al pesto" dish that he just cooked for me. And after a good Italian styled lunch, here we go, it's already time to reach Vigna di Valle for some good action! Waiting for us on the spot we found another good friend of mine: The Price (his nickname is due to his royal habits!)
16 to 22 knots of wind everybody pump a 11m kite. Me with my RRD Addiction MKII, my friends on their Edge, everybody of course on a production RRD K-RACE 65!
We cruised all over the lake for 2 hours long. Endless upwind challenges coast to coast, and then endless downwind courses to come back at the starting point.
Bracciano training day. This way I called this great training day together with 2 great friends of mine!
Luca Marcis

more pictures on:

giorno 17 maggio, martedi ora di pranzo. Forte vento di tramontana in tutta Roma, che si fa? Raggiungo il mio caro amico Andrea a Bracciano e dopo un buon piatto di spaghetti al pesto, da lui preparato, via si
parte per Vigna di Valle. Arrivati sullo spot ci raggiunge anche un altro amico detto il principe (per le sue abitudini regali).
Condizioni meteo: vento intenso ma a tratti, intensità da 16 a 22 knots. Decidiamo di montare tutti e tre la stessa misura di ala, 11, io con l'adiction e loro con l'edge, ma tutti e tre fedeli alla K-RACE 65...
Abbiamo percorso il lago in lungo e in largo per 2 ore, facendo boline infinite quasi fino all'altra parte del lago, e poi giù con delle poppe infinite per rientrare al punto di partenza..
Bracciano training day, cosi ho chiamato questa splendida giornata di allenamento passata con due buoni amici...
thanks Luca Marcis

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Update from a while back!

i was going through some Face Book messages and got a link to and it had a picture from a couple of months ago when
Roberto, Abel and my self were shooting at haakgat, it was a really
good day for the locals here in Cape Town i manged to skip school and
spend the day riding and shooting with the team! Abel and myself had
some really good waves and the boss taking some time of behind the
camera and catching some killers and the same time! we ended up riding
for most of the afternoon. but for me it wasn't all fun and games
after i lost my kite and got eaten a couple of times! Abel came and
grabbed me in front of the rocks and soon after the jet ski picked me
up. i got all my gear back in one piece with a little bit of a wake up
but all and all we really had a good day of riding and shooting!
Roberto ricci designs:

Report France Event - Seb Garat

After the 1st stop in Thailande, then Morroco, came the 3rd PKRA
event, only french stop for the Mondial du Vent, in Leucate.
The competition started on the 1st week end (23-24 mai) with the
trials with a south est wind. Then the Tramontane came on Monday, not
too strong on the 1st day. The weather conditions were perfect to ride
on 9, with 20 degrees. Pretty different from what we are used too here
in Leucate, with 45 knots and 10 degrees.
I advanced in the ladder till the 1/4 final before a rainstorm stopped
the competition for the day.
The day after, on tuesday, the Tram was stronger. Enough to ride
on 6m all the day. I started the morning against Youri Zoon in the 1/4
final, but Zoon took the advantage before to win the single elimination.
The double elimination has been run right after. I had a good
break to rest and to focused on the rest of the comp. I had to ride
first against my mate Tom Hebert. I did a good heat : lot of power
with clean and fast landings that gave me the win.
I should have make the same against Pastor in the next heat for a 6th
place, but I had a few more crashes, and he rode very good. I stopped
at the 7th place of this event.
Now we have a good break, and next PKRA event will be in Fuerte, in
August. In Between I will be busy with some national events, RRD
Meetings, French Championnship in July and other personal project.
Enjoy those few pics from the Morroco and France.

2011 RRD Firemove 110 tested by WINDSURFING mag

Check it out the feed back from USA magazine WINDSURFING.
...and remember to read the

Here you can find the TEST intro:

“Awesome in every way. quick to plane and speedy with control.”
We. Want. This. Board. Everybody wants this board. The RRD ticked up water time because everybody was having so much, well, fun! An early planing machine that stayed in complete control when the wind was up, the RRD offered endless thrills in the least amount of wind, and often in the most wind. An absolute blast.
What worked: Proficiency jibing despite being the widest board in the fleet. Smooth, forgiving and you could really feel the turns. It carved in smoothly on thin rails for all types of jibes. “Great-planing jibe machine.” — Bart Ollen

Dario Ojeda joins RRD International Team

RRD are proud to announce the Canarian wave rider Dario Ojeda joined officially the RRD International Team. Dario will ride RRD windsurfing and SUP boards and will be one of the
rider to look at during this 2011 season.
Dario is no doubt one of the most "Hard Core" wave rider in Pozo, so we're sure he will bring RRD Hard Core Wave boards on the top stages of next wave competitions he will attend.

Dario said:
"I really stoked to signed with the italian company RRD boards for  2011, RRD has been in the scene for a long time with good experience  in the shapes and doing good boards.
I'm really confident with my new quiver and also really motivated for  this year wave events where I hope to do a good work specially in the Canaries events".

Kitty Hawk demo in Hatteras is coming soon...

RRD will be there with latest RRD kites, kiteboards and surfboards...
Stay connected for more updates!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


New RRD "World on line" newsletter about new RRD SURFBOARDS COLLECTION...

“The best RRD surfboards collection ever!”


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

RRD K-RACE TOUR 2011, FREGENE official pics

2011 RRD K-RACE second Tour event's Official pictures are available on
RRD.italia official Facebook Page.
The event was held in Fregene at Point Break club, where italia
surfing legend Pietro Pacitto guested Luca Marcis and the RRD Tour.
Great spot, great hospitality, sun, wind, many passionate kiters, a
perfect location to guest the 2nd stop of this 2011 RRD Tour.
More OFFICIAL picture available here:
for more info about RRD K-RACE TOUR 2011
Sono disponibili sulla pagina FaceBook/RRD-italia le foto ufficiali
della seconda tappa del RRD k-RACE TOUR 2011.
La tappa è andata in scena a Fregene presso il Point Break center, di
Pietro Pacitto, che ha dmostrato di essere uno splendido padrone di
casa ed ha ospitato la manifestazione alla grande.
Vento, sole, tanti kiter appassionati, organizzazione perfetta, grande
ospitalità... cosa
chiedere di più?
Se volete vedere più foto, clickate qui:
Per maggiorni informazioni sul K-RACE Tour:

Ferran Recasens Cat 401 wins the second freestyle event

RRD rider Ferran Recasens won the second Freestyle event of Spain
Championship held in CV Ballena Alegre de Sant Pere Pescador.
A good Tramuntana wind of 27 knots allowed to complete a single and a
double elimination with some spectacular freestyle action.
For more infos and pictures:
Ferran Recasens (Cat-401 / RRD, Simmer, Escola del Ven / CN Bétulo)
gana la segunda regata de Freestyle de la temporada en el CV Ballena
Alegre de Sant Pere Pescador. Con una buena Tramuntana, de hasta 27
nudos de media, que acompañó la regata durante todo el día se pudo
disputar la eliminatoria simple y doble, masters, juveniles y féminas.
Ramon Pastor (E-72 / Tabou, Gaastra, Radz, Select, Prolimit, Al360 /
CN Bétulo) en segunda posición con una buena remontada desde la cuarta
posición de la simple y en tercera posición el rider local de l'Escala
Juan Llop (CAT-26 / JP, Neil Pryde / CN Escala). En juveniles los
locales Robert y Guillem Barrabés seguidos de Arnau Riera. En másters
tras disputar también la eliminatoria doble Ferran Recasens primero
seguido de Jaume Juncà (E-73 / Simmer, CN Port de la Selva) y de
Màrius Solà (E-79 / RRD, Ezzy, CN Bétulo). En féminas Verónica Ferrer
(CAT-3) seguida de Aida Macià (CAT-85 / JP, Neil Pryde).


Monday, 16 May 2011


New RRD VIMEO channel
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Great third spot for the 2011 RRD K-RACE Tour at Latina Lido.
Sun, wind, many passionate kiters, a perfect location to guest the 3rd
stop of this 2011 RRD Tour.
More picture available here:
Next Tour Stops will be beginning of June in Como Lake and Garda Lake!
La terza tappa del RRD K-RACE TOUR 2011 è andata in scenanella
splendida cornice di Latina.
Vento, sole, tanti kiter appassionati, organizzazione perfetta, cosa
chiedere di più?
Se volete vedere più foto, clickate qui:
Per maggiorni informazioni sul K-RACE Tour: