Friday, 29 July 2011

Kite Course European Championship Sopot-Poland D1

Julien Kernaur and local rider Tomek Janiak are attending Kite Course European Championship in Sopot-Poland 
Afeter 3 races Julien is second and Tomek is 5th 

... stay tuned for more news...

Luke flying on 50knots!

we have been having some crazy summer trade winds in WINTER!
Over 50knots with 6-8ft sets!
Thats why I love Cape Town!
So unpredictable!!!

Kite Beach Fiumara - GoPro Days

Ecco la locandina dell'evento powered by GoPro Italia - Be a HERO!
che andrà in scena il 6-7 agosto presso il centro RRD Kite Beach Fiumara.
Non mancate perché sarà grande action!
Per info e regolamento gara GoPro:
Kite Beach Fiumara
Alessandro Tonini (348.3817661)
Check it out the event poster with our Luca Marcis in action
the event will be powered by GoPro Italia - Be a HERO! 
and will be held in RRD centre Kite Beach Fiumara
Don't miss it!
For info and GoPro event rules:
Kite Beach Fiumara
Alessandro Tonini (348.3817661)

Luca into the tube

Rider: Luca Marcis
board: RRD Chiatta 5'8"
Spot: Funtanamare, Sardinia, Italy
Pictures powered by GoPro Italia - Be a HERO!

Magazine cover for Gerard

This image is the cover photo of the kite and windsurfing guide of Spain ...
Gerard Sanchez

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Luca surfing on RRD Chiatta 5'8

Rider: Luca Marcis
board: RRD Chiatta 5'8"
Spot: Funtanamare, Sardinia, Italy
Pictures powered by GoPro Italia - Be a HERO!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Antonio Rossi & RRD SUP boards

Antonoi Rossi, Italian Olimpic Kayak Gold medalist and VIP, enjoyed
the ride on RRD SUP boards during his last trip in Sardinia East
Antonio, who is pretty used to manage a paddle, felt in love with SUP
and its fresh and free approach to water surface...
You can bet you'll see again Antonio in one of our nexr RRD SUP trip
Stay tuned!
Antonio Rossi, pluri medagliato olimpico nel Kayak, si è divertito a
surfare e a paaiare su SUP RRD durante il suo ultimo viaggio in
Antonio, che è abbastanza avvezzo a maneggiare pagaie, è stato
talmente impressionato dalle sensazioni di divertimento e libertà che
si possono provare utilizzando una tavola da SUP, che potete
scommettere ritornerà a farsi vedere di nuovo su una tavola con una
pagaia, magari proprio durante uno dei prossimi SUP trip RRD...
Restate connessi...

Luca Marcis riding Funatanamare (West Sardinia, Italy)

Rider: Luca Marcis
Location: Funtanamare
Meteo conditions: Maestrale 20knts, 1,5 m waves
Equipment: RRD Religion 5 MKI , RRD Magona 5'6 & RRD Salerosa 6'
Pictures powered by GoPro Italia - Be a HERO!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tomek Janiak wins another regatta on RRD K-RACE 65

Following a brief from Polish Kite Cup competitions, and they were
strange and full of surprises ….

This time we met in Łeba 15,16-07 and it was already 4th stop of the Polish Kite Cup.
The first day wind direction was totally offshore. Just a year ago no one would have even thought about kite racing in those conditions….. however , the development of equipment and increasing skills of competitors permit at this time the challenge races in almost all conditions, as it appears on the recent World Championships at Sylt.
So…here in Łeba no one protested when the Race Director starts racing .

At the beach wind blows from 7 to 17 knots, and the info from the boat commission, which drifted 2 km from the coast, was up to 30 knots gusting. In those circumstances, the crucial importance were two matters: the choice of the right size of the kite and the smooth move away from the shore, where the wind blows from behind high dune strongly twisted, creates many problems for competitors, …..during return to the beach as well.
I decided to use Addiction 16 m, because of huge wind range, and as it turned out, it was the right choice. During the races, gusts comes sometimes above 30 knots ... with the move away from the beach I had not larger problems, thankfully.

In the first race I was leading with a huge advantage over my biggest competitor Błażej Ożóg and Philip Porzucek, but on the second lap, unexpectedly kite has damaged, preventing completion of the race….. a pity, because I had 600m to the finish. This defect prevented me start in the next race, of which benefited Błażej , winning the race no 2. On the next places sailed Filip and Max.
I blame the organizers of the regatta, that not enough proper or even dramatic take me from the water by a rescue jetski, it took 20 minutes, although I was about 300 meters from shore. For this reason, I had no time to start the next race.. :/
I took revenge on rivals in the next race, winning it with a large advantage.
Races in so specific and difficult conditions required a healthy (good fit) and a considerable knowledge of sailing, so all competitors enjoy of one and a half hour break after 4 races.
At the request of the competitors next 4 races were half shorter and I won all, however I must mention, that Blazej had bad luck this time - during the 5th race, lines in his kite has broken. Błażej returned in 7th race, in which finished as a second.
Therefore, after the first day of the competition, I occupied first place with a large points advantage.
Forecast for the next day ( Saturday) shows wind from the conducive direction (west), so it was a big chance for opening freestyle competition. 

The second day of competition began with the Skippers meeting at 7.00 a.m., but by the rainforest clouds above the Łeba, wind unfortunately was not able to come to us for another two hours.
About 9.15 shifted to clean west direction, awarded patience all athletes and organizers of a force of 18-24 knots, managed a single and double elimination of freestyle, where I won the masters category again.

Long ago was not as compensated, exciting, and standing on such high level competitions.
Next regatta - European Championships this wednesday, this time on my home spot in Sopot,
here You will find results: .
keep your fingers crossed!

Photo: Łukasz Nazdraczew (fotoart. pl)

My results in the disciplines at the Ford Kite Cup in Łeba:

Race - Masters:

Freestyle- Masters:

Friday, 22 July 2011

Abel & 5'8 Salerosa

Hola amigos.
This is a new video about my baby the Salerosa 5'8, some small action
from Carnota (home)
and my feelings about the best kiteboard ever ;-)


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Surfin'Venice 2011 - official video

RRD are proud to introduce Surfin' Venice 2011 event (July 9 - 10).
Check out the highlights of these beautiful days in Venice canals, paddling along one of the most beautiful city of the world.

Event supported by NISSAN, RRD and GoPro Italia

Video/Editing: Fabrizio Luca

Junior team rider grows up

Check out this video our team rider Jordan Reid made about his recent
Maui trip.
Jordan has been ripping it up this Summer. He just started wave
sailing this Spring and came in second in Juniors contest at the
Waddell AWT stop.
Now he won Juniors Slalom at US Nationals (5th overall), came in
second in Freestyle Mens there and won the Dirty Water Classic against
Tyson Poor, considered the best freestyler in the US!

Here is my video. feel free to post it anywhere!

The Maui race series was a tuneup for the nationals that were this 
week in Berkley. we had pretty good wind. I ended up taking 1st in
junior slalom, and 2ND in freestyle men! but what I'm most proud
of is taking 5Th overall in slalom. There were some real competition
including Wilhelm Schumann, Phil McGain, Tyson Poor, Xavier Ferlet!

Also Pete Dekay yesterday put on little contest at my local spot at
the delta called the Dirty Water Classic. It brought a really big
crowd up there There was some tough competition there including Tyson,
Derek Rioff ect. I sailed really good and took 1st overall! I was
really surprised about beating tyson. You can check it out on

Gerard Sanchez in action

Mira aqui tienes fotos!
Espero que te gusten.

Adam Sims: Triple dose of Valium!

So had a sick session, pushloops of knee high waves until about half an hour in when I went for a planning pushie in front of Nick Bentley but too far off the wind and the rotation stopped about three quarters of the way around, where I went full power into the boom. Unfortunately we were about a kilometer downwind of the centre, so some help from my regular rescue team who have now de-rigged for me three times and carried me off the water twice, and an off road drive later and I was on my way to hospital.

Arriving there they recognised me and got my file out... then decided a triple shot of Valium would help ease the pain. No I just have to wait to see if I'm going to be sick or not, as this decides whether I've ruptured my appendix or if its just muscular bruising, etc.... either way it's not ideal and another few days off the water.

Here are some pics from a session a few days ago... thanks to Steffi Hoffmann for the pics.