Friday, 29 October 2010

Irish Title Won on RRD

2010 season still goes on and RRD go on collecting titles all around
the World...
This time the good news come from Ireland, where Pearse Geaney Won the
the Irish Slalom title on RRD X-FIRE boards !!
Congratulations Pearse!!!

Seb Garat French Champion 2010 for the 4th year in a Row!

HI All.
I'm proud to announce you that I won again the French Championship
last week. For the 4th year in a row, RRD Obsession & Poison are
number one in Freestyle in France.
You will find below my report of the contest with some pictures.
I'm now off to Argentina for the 8th PKRA event... Next goal for the
end of the season is to get back to the Top 5 PKRA...

4 in a Row !
I was in Canet en Roussilon, south of France for the French Championnship from 23 to 27 october, to try to keep my title. I never saw so much riders registred for this competition, with a really good level. 32 riders men (full ladder), 28 juniors and 12 girls.
No wind on the 2 first days, and we been to the Cable Park for a gentle warm up ! On the monday, competition started on the morning with some rounds of Junior and Girls. But later in the afternoon, the
organisation had to stop the competition, as the wind was blowing up to 60 knots. I been out on my 6m Obsession to try those extreme conditions : Radical !!!
Finally, we had normal conditions on Tuesday. Gusty Wind, to 35-40 knots, and start of the heats with Mens (I was in the 1st heat !) at 9:00 am with no more that 10°...
I passed my heats one by one until the final, where I met Mallory de la Villemarqué. I had a pretty good riding in the gusty Tramontane, been pretty consistant in my heats. Choice of the kite size was an
important factor as the wind was going a bit up and down. And I choose to ride on my 7m Obsession on all my heats.
With my Victory against Mallory in final, I keep my French Champion Title, for the 4th year in a row. I'm pretty stocked with that !
I'm just back from this event, and I already left to Argentina, for the 8th PKRA event. My next goal is to reach back the Top 5 PKRA in 2010... 3 more events to come...
stay tuned !

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Julien Quentel France Champion Overall!!!

Scoring a great 3rd place in the last Wave Event run in very marginal
contitions, Julien Quentel gained the title of Champion de France
overall 2010, probably the last Overall title in France!
Here you can find his words:
"Conditions were really marginal and I think we could stop the event
at quarterfinals, but I can understand that event organizers want to
close the event with a winner. So, in this kind of conditions, the
only thing to do is to go on the water, trying to do your best. Of
course you need good equipment, but it's mostly about your mind. My goal was to fight
for the overall title and the only one who could take it apart me was
Jules Denel, who is really strong. So I gave my best to keep him
behind me, and when I saw he was out from the contest and me still in,
I felt free and without pressure anymore. Honestly I'm really happy to
have won this Overall Title having compete this last event, and I'm
really sad that this will be the last year in France with this kind of
Overall ranking, since I think that this ranking push you to be more
complete in all the disciplines. I'm really proud of being the last
winner of the France Funboard Overall Title!"


All details are available on the official website

Official World On Line in PDF version is available:

Kenneth: Danish wave and freestyle champion

Hey everyone.
From the 21-24 oct. we had the danish wave and freestyle
championships here in Klitmøller. We had all kind of conditions from
3.7-5.6 weather and both port and starboard tack.
I won both disciplines and are now danish wave and freestyle champion..
Thanks to my sponsors
Simmer, RRD, MFC, Mystic, Skishop, PLASMA
Best Regards Kenneth Danielsen

Jakub... "A day at Tarifa" cool video edit

Hi everybody
I'm sending over a short video I made after a trip to Tarifa.
It's a short edit as more footage went to a big movie which will be
out very soon.
Hope you enjoy it:

A day in Tarifa... from JFK Studio on Vimeo.

Best regards.
Jakub Kosmowski

Flo: update from Maui

here a short update from maui.
the Gun Photoshooting is finally over and we had some pretty good days
here so far. The photos came out quite good and now it s time to train again....
the 84 hardcore cult works perfect here in hookipa...
here some photos ( Thanks to jimmy, christian breicheis )

Monday, 25 October 2010

Federico: report tenerife + test new quad 68 hardcore

allego qualche foto di Tenerife e qualche foto action con il nuovo
quad 2011 e un link di un mio video della scorsa settimana
dove "provo" il doppio! (sono agli inizi!)

Caranca 9/10/2010 ita-999 attemps Double! from Fede ita-999 on Vimeo.

a presto....


Abel in Peru!!!

Hola amigos.

Peru is incredible, every day nice waves and wind.
Don't worry since Kari is shooting a lot of video and photos.

Check the photos from today!!!


Naked shoot, RRD gear

Hi guys,

I heard that Portsmouth University were doing a naked calendar photo
shoot for charity and I made sure they got some of the latest gear to
model behind/next to completely naked.

I'm getting copies of the original photos soon as possible to send out
to the mags to see if we can go anywhere with it.

Just thought I'd keep you in the loop.

Follow the above link to a blog that posted it just recently.



After having started a few heats of the wave event yesterday on the
spot next to Kerhilio, the wind dropped and competitors for the final
event of the French Championship 2010 were forced to come back again
the site of the Yacht Club de Carnac. The weather forecasts are not
very optimistic for this Sunday and will confirm the hours with a
light north wind to the north east that barely exceed 8 knots.

All eyes are now turning to the weather forecast for Tuesday and
Wednesday with the hope of completing the wave event, were our RRD
rider Julien Quentel is on the course to win the last Overall French
Title ...

Stay connected for more news...

Skyeboy @ Hookipa

So far its been 3 out of 4 days sailing, which is pretty good by any standards. Yesterday was really fun, with head to logo waves and enough wind for a 5.3/5.0.

I finally got some quality time on my new RRD 84 Hardcore quad and I love it! Been looking for a board like this for years. Its fast on the wave, turns great and best of all, when the wind drops on the inside I can still float on it. A board that feels small when riding, but is big when not. The perfect combo.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more of the same so cant wait to get on the water some more and learn how far the board can be pushed! Thanks to Jimmie Hepp for the photos and check out his gallery from everyone.

Slovenian championship

This year it happened again! Strong wind, cold air, warm water and fully choppy spot. Izola was the place where we had championshipagain. This time we had also girls on the water which was superimpressive. I can say only RESPECT! The conditions were really hard but ladies didn't care. Everyone was enjoying the show the hole day.
After double elimination, also super session was held, where photographers filled the memory card even more. Slovenian championship was the closing event in my windsurfing season. Finally I can disconnect from this part and start preparing on different way. Check some nice pics from Ivan Škrlec.

1 Žan Andraž
2 Ribnikar Žan
3 Šude Žan
4 Černec Jure
5 Panjan Jurij

1 Tanhofer Nina
2 Sedlar Anja
3 Tanko Vesna
4 Zibler Eva
5 Jager Anja

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