Thursday, 30 June 2011

Able Lago: today in traba... :-)


Fabrice tips: The 360

The 360,

It has always been my favorite move.  It's the best feeling when you make it back into the waves and ride it out.  There are so many ways to do a 360 and there are many names for it: the Guscrew, the Carving 360, Aerial 360, the Mutant...  It has to do with the "angle of attack" and that is usually being decide at the last moment depending how the wave lip throws, if the wave is mushy or hollow, or if the wind is on shore or side-off.... The lip of the waves is what will trow the windsurfer back in front of the waves. There again timing is everything and the best way to master the timing is to practice.
This water shoot photo sequence was taken by my friend Francis Brewer and you can see more of Francis' photos on his web site at:

Kite Racing Worlds 2011 Day 2: Its getting nasty...


The day kicked off with bright sunshine and light offshore winds, and
that's how it was almost all day. The forecasts called for turning
winds till the late afternoon which made it impossible for the race
committee to set a course, and also taking into consideration not to
send the fleet out in fluky, shifty offshore conditions.
Around noon the wind started turing but also to completely die down,
and it took another couple of hours until it came back up. Around 5 pm
there were first signs of wind on the horizon, and suddenly at 5:30pm
the wind switched on, turned to west and had 17-20 knots in strength.
The race committee set a windward leward course with the start line
close to the beach and headed out for a 18:30 start, and the fleet
went off in water conditions that became more nasty from minute to
minute. Breaking waves all over the course made it a mission to sail
the course properly.
Johnny Heineken (USA, Mikes Lab, Ozone) proved to be the best one
again, but this time the margin was way smaller to beat Julien Kerneur
(FRA, RRD, Takoon) in second and Adam Koch (USA, Mikes Lab, Ozone) in
Good performance also for Italian rider Luca Marcis, who crossed the
finish line in 15th position rising the overall ranking to 18th position in the Overall Ranking.

On the production ranking we have to register a 2nd provisional place for RRD polish rider Tomek Janiak and a 4th provisional place for Luca Marcis.

RRD Riders keep on fighting!!!

1. John Heineken (USA) 2.8 points
2. Adam Koch (USA) 7.7 points
3. Syk Solbach (USA) 12.0 points
4. Julien Kerneur (FRA) 15 points (RRD RACEBOARDS)

1. Blazej Ozog (POL)  
2. Tomek Janiak (POL) RRD Addiction, RRD K-RACE 65
3. Joey Pasquali (USA)
4. Luca Marcis (ITA) RRD Addiction, RRD K-RACE 65
Full results can be found at

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another victory RRD in Polish Kite Cup

Another good news from 3 rd stop of Polish Kite Cup - I won race in

open and masters category. I won freestyle masters category, also.

Currently in overall ranking I am on  st position, 20 points before 2 nd Błażej.

Regards from WC Sylt , after 4 races I’m on 15 position.

Photo credit ( )

Tomek Janiak

Mareggiata del 9 maggio 2011

Rider: Roberto Candelori
team east sailing shop
spot : Negril, Giulianova (TE) Adriatico centrale
mareggiata del 9 maggio 2011
Well tweacked mate!!!

Italian Freestyle Junior and youth Champions!

Il 18-19 giugno si sono svolti a Torbole i campionati italiani Junior e Youth.
Grande prestazione per il rider RRD che anche in condizioni di vento al limite sono riusciti a mettersi in evidenza, con Matteo Romeo e Luca Todeschi al primo e secondo posto della classifica Junior e il giovanissimo Francesco Capuzzo primo nella classifica Super Grommet!

Bravi ragazzi!

Di seguito un breve report del neo Campione Junior Matteo Romeo:
"Lo scorso weekend sono riuscito ad ottenere il primo posto! :) Nel single elimination ho concluso in quarta posizione dopo alcune heat con la 5.3 (superstyle) e il twintipp 88, con veramente
pochissimo vento, molto rafficato. Nel double però sono riuscito a riscattarmi facendo una bella rimonta, portandomi al primo posto e vincendo così la gara, grazie anche al vento che è rinforzato e mi ha permesso di eseguire il maggior numero di manovre."

1° Romeo Matteo (RRD, RRD sails)
2° Todeschi Matteo (RRD, Hot sails)
3° Slijk Nicolas
4° Livraghi marco
5° Cappuzzo Francesco (RRD, RRD sails)
6° Cestele Alessandro
7° Smania Cesare
7° Panzera Alvin
9° De Lillo Andrea

1° Cappuzzo Francesco (RRD, RRD sails)
2° Panzera Alvin
3° Smania Cesare
4° De Lillo Andrea

RRD Kite in the bigest web news portal in Croatia

Croatia RRD Team rider HRVOJE BULIC - BRICO ( Razor )
Have 5 photos together with some nice girls on the beach
On largest Croatia news web portal (Over 1 milion people per mounth )
Nice weather 30°C + nice girls +Croatia beach + RRD kite = LOT OF FUN!!!
RRD on
Branko Aničić

Kite Racing Worlds Sylt Germany 2011 - Day 1

Sunshine and warm weather welcomed the competitors of the 2011 world championships here at Sylt today, and after the opening ceremony it went straight to racing.

Julien Kerneur

The wind was blowing offshore with 17-22 knots, but that meant that racing took part a few kilometers outside which made communication and handling the fleet of 70 racers a tricky job.

Men and women were sent out on a trapezoid course with 1.5 km upwind length with a sequenced start, and right from the beginning it was Johnny Heineken (USA, Ozone, Mike Lab)) who dominated the fleet. Sometimes with a margin of more than a minute to the second placed rider there was only a tangle in race 4 that was able to stop him.

Four races were run in total in two sessions and the fleet brought safely brought back ashore before the wind dropped in the evening. Several protest had to be heard until everybody was satisfied and the results stand.

Defending World Champion Adam Koch (USA, Ozone, Mikes Lab) is in close second ahead of Sky Solbach (USA, North). In total there are six US boys in the top 10 and 4 French riders, the best being Julien Kerneur (FRA, RRD, Takoon) in 5th position.
RRD Team is fighting hard, with Julien Kerneur in 5th position fighting for a stage of the podium, Polish rider Tomek Janiak in 15th position and Italian rider Luca Marcis 22nd.

Hopefully today we'll update you with some action and some fresh and good results too..

Course Race Men (after 4 races)

1. John Heineke (USA)
2. Adam Koch (USA)
3. Sky Solbach (USA)
4. Bryan Lake (USA)
5. Julien Kerneur (FRA)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ferran Recasens Cat 401 wins spain Championship

El badalonés Ferran Recasens (E-32 / RRD, Simmer, Escuela del Viento)
del CN Bétulo ganó la única prueba disputada en la tercera regata del
Circuito Español de Funboard (Windsurf) disputada en Badalona del 24
al 26 de junio. Con 48 regatistas, récord de inscripción, se hicieron
mangas de 12 riders con el sistema de eliminatoria en que avanzaban
los 6 primeros de cada manga. El viento térmico, de Garbí, permitió
llegar a la final de la prueba con los 12 mejores competidores de la
regata. En segunda posición Ramon Pastor (E-72 / Tabou, Gaastra,
Select, Buble, Prolimit, ALU360, Windparadise) y en tercera Joaquím
Rodés (E-32 / Tabou, Gaastra, Windparadise) ambos también del CN
Bétulo. En másters Recasens, Rodés y Màrius Solà (E-79 / RRD, Ezzy,
Loft, Sailboards Tarifa & Girona, Kpsport, Sapse). En juveniles
primero el andaluz José Luís Sánchez (E-1114 / Construcciones y
canalizaciones Sánchez Romero,,,
Dwarf8) y en féminas la andaluza María de Andrés (E-2 / Gunsails,
Bubela, Sailboards tarifa).
Ferran Recasens Martí
Escola del vent
+34 669549019

Abel is shooting...

International RRD team rider Abel Lago is ready to shot some action on
his homespots in Galizia...
stay connected for more action!!!
Coming soon...