Friday, 18 May 2012

Mathieu: Dolphin surf video

"More you spend time on ocean in and out and more you know him. 
This is my home spot where i swim, surf, bodysurf. We call this "dolphin surf" because you use the pipe suction of the wave like the seals or the dolphins use it to play with the wave. You go so fast that you can see on some footage the "skin distorsion" 

Enjoy it. Here the link who's worlwide share since yesterday on some US website like SHOCK MANSION. Second video from the left. 


Thursday, 17 May 2012

PKRA Holland - RACE 1

First day for Racing at PKRA HOLLAND. The wind drops after the start and our Julien Kerneur struggle with his RRD Addiction 13 finishing in 7th position.
Forecast for tomorrow are pretty good so he hope he will discard this bad result...

Stay tuned for more news...

Ok everybody try to do the head first in the AIRSUP video and copy me, but now bastard try to do this, ah ah ah.

"The RRD AirSup got hard time yesterday during the Tahitian commercial clip for the L200 Mitsubishi Limited who take place in a awesome spot in the middle of Tahiti. I upload a RRD version :-). 
Here it is...


Dan Sweeney: My First Windsurfing Competition

"Last week I competed in my first Windsurfing competition at the 2nd round of the UK Slalom championships. - I went along to support the RRD UK Crew and also to compete in the Blast event to see where my level was at. I spent a few months windsurfing before with Ant and Nik Baker but I managed to get some Windsurfing in under my belt while in St.Lucia with 2Elements RRD Centre over the winter.
We completed 20 races over Saturday and I'm stoked with my result. I won every race.!
Next stop is BSA Worthing (My home spot) -Now I'm going to get some training in, Take my windsurfing more seriously alongside my Kitesurfing and I now have my own equipment - I'm going to compete in the Am Men and then I'm off to Norfolk for the 2nd round of the UK Pro Freestyle Kite event where I'll be fighting for the UK Tittle.

Big thanks to my sponsors for supporting me! RRD, ION, K-66 & Baker Academy - Lets see what happens this year on both tours!."

Dan Sweeney
RRD UK Team Manager

Mathieu: update for the blog

Sup, Kite, exploration and coverage. RRD life in paradise. Enjoy this
Aloha, Matéo

European SUP Expò: comunicato ufficiale AISUP

for immediate release

European SUP Expò

Manca veramente poco all'inizio dell'ESE, i preparativi procedono a
ritmi serrati.

Il puzzle sta prendendo forma, ci auguriamo che i nostri sforzi
possano soddisfare le vostre esigenze regalandovi una due giorni
interessate e ricca di emozioni.

FarVi divertire, farVi apprezzare il luogo, proporvi un'idea e farVi
sentire a casa vostra sono i nostri obiettivi

Il programma è ricco di proposte che insieme a voi prenderanno forma,
ci spieghiamo meglio: le competizioni CONFERMATE valide entrambe per
il Circuito Italiano promozionale SUP, sono due: la Speed Race di
sabato 19 e la Tecnical Race RRD SUP CUP di domenica 20.

L'organizzazione nella giornata di sabato e domenica, in
collaborazione con gli espositori e con la complicità e partecipazione
dei convenuti, vorrebbe organizzare altre competizioni promozionali
come ad esempio: la gara dedicata ai SUP gonfiabili, la Gara slalom a
staffetta, la SUP gimcana e tanto altro ancora.

Vi ricordiamo che sarà presente il GRINCH e un doppio SALTA SUP.

Quindi vi invitiamo tutti a dare le vostre adesioni presso la
segreteria evento che sarà collocata sotto il tendone RedBull.

Thursday, 10 May 2012



This is not lagoon dream 2 but it's a cool one. Enjoy. And more on the
way this month.


Hi Wind june 06 Japan

Hi all,
here is the june issue of the japan magazine Hi- Wind plus RRD ad.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Something to sweeten your morning email

Cover page on the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper a nice RRD
Obsession on the way to ride under the Golden Gate bridge!

Largest Kitesurfing shop in California


Wow that's real cool !

Feel very international today, proud to be there !

This is thanks to your work , Evan !


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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bram Bast: New Video

Here it is new Bram Bast movie.

Hope you like it!
Kind Greetings,
Bram Bast

Friday, 4 May 2012

RRD Air Sup video of the day: Hungarian Style

KitelineTV shared a clip "Town SUPers!!! RRD inflatable 10'2" AIRSUP!" 

Pura Dolce Vita!

Town SUPers!!! RRD inflatable 10'2" AIRSUP!

Duska Zarand on the Go!

Luke McGillewie: 2 May

ciao guys!

winter is here in full force its been super cold lately with no wind
or waves!
finally today we had some good wind and waves i managed to get out for 30min before the wind dropped of...

I got some pics!

Pascal Toselli: news Reggio Calabria

Some news of first PWA event!
Tout juste rentré de Loctudy pour la première étape AFF il a fallu enchainer avec la première étape PWA de Reggio Calabria.
Impatient de commencer pour voir comment les choses allaient se passer, comment était le spot et tout simplement pour commencer la course mais la météo en a voulut différemment.. le vent à joué avec nos nerfs les quatre premiers jours de l'événement en étant à la limite à certain moment dans la journée.. juste de quoi aller sur l'eau et rentrer après avoir fait quelques tentatives de départ pour les
premiers heat..
Finalement le thermique s'est mit a souffler à deux jours de la fin ce qui nous a permit de valider une manche dans de très bonnes conditions!!
Le stress était bien présent sur cette étape à une manche ou la moindre erreur coute cher..
Pour moi ca s'est plutôt bien passée puisque je finis 9eme.. j'ai pu voir que le matériel marchait bien et qu'il était possible de faire de bonne choses, sur 4 heat couru j'en remporte 3 dont la finale perdante
ce qui est plutôt bien.. c'est encourageant pour la suite et ca ne fait que renforcer la motivation. Nous sommes beaucoup sur le tour à pouvoir faire un top 10 et c'est toujours bien de commencer avec ce
Maintenant je me prépare pour la Corée qui commence dans quelques
Just back from Loctudy first step it took AFF enchainer PWA with the first stage of Reggio Calabria.
I was very anxious to attend this event and see how things would happen, how was the spot and simply start the race, but the weather has make it differently... the wind played with our nerves the first four days of the event being the limit at some point in the day... just enough to get on the water and returned after a few attempts to start the first heat..

Finally the thermical wind has started to blow the last two days, allowing us to validate a full elimination in very good conditions! 
Stress was very high, cause every single error could have an hard price to pay...
For me it has gone pretty well cause I finished 9th.. 
I have seen that the equipment worked well and this season for me will be possible to do good things, I won 3 heat on 4 run including the looser final which is pretty good result in my opinion...

This is encouraging for the future and that enhance my motivations. My goal this year is to achieve a final TOP 10 overall position and so to start the season with this result is perfect for me!
Let's see what will happens in KOREA...


Italian Slalom Rider Andrea Ferin had a good training the 1st of May, attending at a SUP Race long distance. Andrea scored a good 3rd place riding for the first time a RRD RACE 12'6.
Well done Andrea... and let's wait for some TOP 3 result also in next windsurfing slalom competitions!!!
il primo maggio ho fatto la sup race! All'inizio ero primo con una buona partenza, poi quando abbiamo preso il ritmo un ragazzo di lignano che fa gare da qualche tempo è riuscito a tenere un passo leggermente più veloce e ha chiuso con un buon distacco. Da metà regata ho combattuto con un austriaco che mi è andato via di pochissimo, e alla fine ho chiuso in terza posizione.
Sono abbastanza soddisfatto del risultato e ho dato il 110 %, ma purtroppo c'era un pò di differenza
di passo dovuto alla tecnica di pagaiata che sicramente devo migliorare.

La clasiffica della regata è su questo sito: 

Seb Garat: News Mexico.

Last Week, I was in Playa del Carmen, in Mexico during the MINI Kiteboard World Cup. Freestylers Alberto Rondina and Myself been invited by the local crew to make some Freestyle show between the Races.

It was not that windy but we still be able to ride 2 days and make some awesome pictures with the crystal clear blue water of Playa Del Carmen.

Watch out also the pics where I seat on Julien's Board while I'm riding ! Pretty Funny.

I'm already back to France now, and Festikite starts tomorrow at home. I'll be there for Kite Demo's and RRD Kites and Boards test !

Cheers !

Fabrice Beaux: video on line

RRD planet rider Fabrice Beaux talks about himself and the movie "Planet Blow"

As well, you can find the newest Fabrice video on his youtube channel at :

Peppe Esposito: Kite Camp

Freestyle Stage with Peppe Esposito coming soon....
Very exclusive and limited... don't miss it!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Brando Pacitto And the "Triple Crown" Contest

Brando Pacitto si è classificato secondo alla prima prova del surfing contest "Triple Crown" svoltasi a San Nicola (Roma) sabato 20 aprile, competizione di livello nazionale su tre tappe. Brando ha gareggiato nella classifica open assoluta ed ha dovuto cedere il primo posto solo al campione italiano Roberto D'Amico, mostrando un surf aggressivo e potente con la RRD Secca 5'6 sotto i piedi!
Davvero una grande prova del nostro giovane surfer!