Wednesday, 30 March 2011

O'Neill Surfers Work Out on RRD SUP

Hi Italy,

The 12 boards of the VYF-RRD SUP promo trailer have been used for the
first time on the water.

The O'Neill Surfers Work Out was abig succes, over 40 people joined
the event in a combination of Yoga and Pilates exercises.
They used SUP 11 and Wassup's 10 and 8,5.

To be continued,



Foto's door Jonathan Cattoor (

Monday, 28 March 2011

Yet another Maui Update...

Well, Maui has been delivering classic spring conditions for three
weeks straight now!...

Everyone's getting tired, bumped and bruised up, but it's all in the
name of fun and nothing a little Ibuprofen can't take of!...
My friend Vlado was visiting from The Gorge and asked me to wear his
helmet cam for a few reaches ...those were the couple of jumps and
criss-crossing moments that followed ...get on for the ride!... Maui
fun under the sun!...
Much aloha!

Al Gharbiyah Water sports Festival Results

Al Gharbiyah Water sports Festival was held in DUBAI
RRD rider Tarik Gharrafi scored a 2nd place in Freestyle male catrgory while RRD Dubai distributor Mostafa Al Hussaini scored a 3rd place
Well done Malik Mostafa!

check out the event video:

Male podium
Here are the results of the competition

Free style results
1st Angelique Barbier (France) 
2nd Manon Steens (Holland) (RRD)
3rd Katharina Kaelin (Switzerland) (RRD)

1st Rashed Magid Al Muhiri 
2nd Ahmad Al Mansuri (RRD)
3rd Saeed Butti Al Dhareef (RRD)

1st Luca Savastano (Italy) 
2nd Tarik Gharrafi (Belgium) (RRD)
3rd Mostafa Al Hussaini (Egypt) (RRD)

Podium will be next week , so i will send you the pictures .

link on the dubai kite forum .

Gitana in action on the KiteBoarder mag (FRA) cover!

Gitana Classic en Action et en Couv du Special Test KiteBoarder
Tres bon..

Mat @ Cabrera left side

Buongiorno everybody,
here we are with the latest report, hope you will enjoy


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Greetings from Philippines Island

Italian rider Andrea NDFly Grandolfo edited for us some postcards from his winter spot in Philippines Islandds...

Check it out

"Ciao a tutti dalle Filippine!
finalmente ancora una volta in acqua... dopo due settimane di pessima salute ieri non ho resisitito alla condizione... e anche se fuori forma... c'e' stato da divertirsi!
Diverse giornate sono andate sprecate in questi ultimi giorni di malessere... ma alla fine l'importante... e' riprendersi!
Un abbraccio a tutti, ci si vede presto in Ditta!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Flo quad 84 video

Flo Jung explains how he set up his RRD Hardcore Wave 84 quad

here a little video clip about the 84 hardcore quad.
hope it works like that.
cheers from maui

Flo on the SURF Mag cover

Ciao amigos,
scored the cover of the latest issue of the german surf magazin.
all the best

Monday, 21 March 2011

Abel testing sessions in Tarifa

we are in Tarifa testing some new kites, the conditions are strong and I'm sure that the test will be good, with 35 to 50 knots of levante!!!

Tine Slabe training in Tenerife

Tine is training in Tenerife. here is his feed back:
"We had five nice days of wind for slalom here in Tenerife. Three days with south wind and two of the normal north. The first day with south was quite strong and I managed to do 37.63 knots max speed on my new X-fire 90 2011 and Aero + 7.1 also 2011.
It is very nice to train slalom here as also Andrea Cucchi and Vincent Langer are here and we push each other. Besides them here are also some Latvian guys with who is cool to train jibing.

Check out the video with Cuchi crashing into Tine's gear!!!
Hey guys... go training, but keep safe!

Johnskye New Video

Its really late, but finally I managed to put together a video clip
from the end of last year. The autumn is always a busy time for
contests and last year I was on the road for over a month solid. This
video has footage from Klitmoller, Tiree and finally Maui. The voice
over ended up a bit cheesy, but hope you enjoy it anyway.
John Skye

Friday, 18 March 2011


Hey Guys-

Quick Maui Update...

Maui's been FIRING these past couple of weeks! We've been sailing
every day for a couple of weeks now. Tuesday, we had a little gift
from the Northern Pacific in the form of a very large swell ...and
those large swells mean one thing: JAWS!...

The place was extremely busy with tow-in surfers, kiters, and now even
regular surfers catching the waves armed with only the power of their
arms to motor themselves into the behemoths! ...that takes some
SERIOUS cojones, respect!... Of course, with the trades blowing, lots
of windsurfers took advantage of the amazing conditions and there were
about 15 or so of us out there.

My boat ride was a little late and I did not get there until about
15:00 PM, but it was a day about as good as it ever gets out there
with only very few occasional west bowl sections closing in,
otherwise, there were a lot of very clean and smooth peeling
waves ...and of course, lots of VERY large sets as well! As it's been
the case in recent swells there, some of the guys are pushing more and
more, with ensuing incredible action, and obviously the occasional
gnarly wipeouts.

The last time I sailed there, it was more than a year ago on a
miserable day of sitting there for hours on end for the wind to
finally come up enough to sail, and rain/drizzle/grey skies and large
chop giving the place an eerie feeling as we could barely see the
coastline. With little experience I misjudged a wave and ended up
taking a large section of the west bowl on the head (The Windsurfing
Movie II) ...still to this day not too proud of it, but it's better to
know what that feels like and have some comprehension of the powers in
place than going larger and larger without knowing what that really
means, so in a way it was a bad for a good.

As such, this time was somewhat redemption time, so I went again with
the idea of taking it one step at a time and getting to know and
understand the place better. I took increasingly larger waves at each
ride. Eventually I was looking at one of the real big ones that were
coming every 15-20 minutes, but with many people in the water and the
wind getting lighter, it was getting harder and harder. The paddle
surfers also came back out in the line up, so after more than an hour
of schlogging back and forth in the red zone, I didn't feel I had the
energy necessary and decided to call it a day while I was ahead.
Myself and a couple of other sailors sailed down the coast back to
Hookipa in a roller-coaster-like run amidst all the very large swells
that were breaking along the coastline.

We arrived at Hookipa at the same time as a very large set exceeding
two masts in height ...not much after the session at Jaws, but not
wanting to push my luck at the finish line, I elected to let it
through and come in on a "smaller" wave right behind it. The ocean
was as frothy as a freshly poured Guinness on St-Patrick's day and it
was very strange to sail in over 6-8 inches of thick foam blowing in
the wind, but touching terra firma was equally nice.

Back at Maliko boat ramp shortly after, we had some serious problems
with the axel on the boat's trailer breaking right as Jason Prior was
pulling the boat out of the water ...we tried transfering the boat
onto another trailer, but without success as the trailer wasn't sturdy
enough ...another broken trailer later, we were finally able to call
it a day, just as darkness was falling.

There were various wipeouts, jetskis lost, major adrenaline rushes and
so many more stories at Jaws that day ...Robby and Kauli both had good
scares, but in the end, everyone made it home safely and with a grin.

Jimmie Hepp was kind enough to give me a few pics ...and he also
posted a few photo albums on his Facebook page ...if you're not
"friends" with him yet, you should do so, his pictures tell many tales
of an incredible day many will remember for quite some time, Jaws as
good as it ever gets!...

Since then, the wind had been blowing harder and harder on Maui ...and
there is no sign of backing off as long as the forecast goes ...Maui
is truly delivering this spring!

More to come where this came from!

Much aloha and happy St-Paddy's day,


P.S. Picture from "Jimmie Hepp on Facebook"!

Maui news from Flo


hope life is good in italy,

just arrived in maui and had a my first session in jaws...
i used my 84 quad, which worked great - even with waves like that...
forecast looks good here on maui.

all the best


Mladen Belamaric GROZNI in action


Few photos of new RRD nacional rider Mladen Belamaric GROZNI

Last week in Croatia there is lot's south wind 25-50 knots here is few
spot near city Sibenik




Tomek talking about his victory

Check it out PKRA DAY 3 video with Tomek Janiak talking about his victory in Race 3 using production RRD K-Race 65 and RRD Addiction MKII

Well done Tomek!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Tomek Janiak won race 3 at PKRA thailand on RRD K-RACE 65

Poland rider Tomek Janiak won Race  3 on RRD production K-RACE 65 and ADDICTION MKII

After 4 race, Tomek is ranked 5th in the overall ranking, 2nd in the production ranking, 
but he's the only one who won a race using a production board!


Stay connected to have more updated and info about the competition!

1. Tomek Janiak (RRD, POL)
2. Rolf Van der Vlugt (Airush, NED)
3. Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA)
Racing Results Thailand Day 3

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Peppe riding Cape Verde

Italian kiter Peppe Esposito,
just updated us about his latest training sessions in Cape Verde...
Well done Peppe!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Abel Lago: suping action

Abel ready for the action on his RRD WASSUP 8'5"

After the incredible trip to South Africa now I'm back home for a few
days visiting the family and surfing and SUPing all day long in my home spot.
Galicia is always pumping!!!