Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Monday, 21 December 2009

Buon Natale - Merry X-Mas - RRD

Dear all,

We wish you a Merry X-Mas and a Happy new Year!
RRD - Staff

We inform you that our offices will be closed from 24th of December 2009 to 4th of January 2010

Ciao a tutti,
vi auguriamo un Buon Natale e Felice anno Nuovo!
RRD - Staff

Vi informiamo che i nostri uffici resteranno chiusi dal 24 dicembre 2009 al 04 gennaio 2010

Pula Liznjan Wave contest Jump and Ride


In this cold weather we have competition in Jump and Ride in Pula - Liznjan.
It was 20 wave riders from Croatia - Slovenia...
My Team Rider Marin Siriscevic RRD/Simmer 21y was 4th,
and Marko Simic RRD/Simmer from 5-8 place.
Wind was Bora -North-east from 20-30 knots, and wave was about 1,25m.
Sira was best in jumps but in final he forget to ride the wave.


New French rider

RRD Family welcomes F756 Marco Juliot from Bretagne "Station Glisse" Shop...

Ciao Marco,
and congratulations for cool spot you spotted for your portrait pictures!!!

Cannot wait to see some action on waves too ;-)

Big Day a Pals...!

Hola Surfers,
Ja heu vist les fotos i el vídeo d'en cyber99. Ara puc donar l'altre punt de vista, el de dins:
Vela de 4,7m, RRD WaveTruster 84l i 5 hores de surf....
Fotos i vídeo GoPro wide:

Bon Vent!

Màrius Solà E-79

www.robertoriccidesigns.com (boards)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


All details are available on the official website www.robertoriccidesigns.com

Official World On Line in PDF version is available:

Seb Garat: New Movie From Brasil

Hi everybody.

Hope you are well.

I forgot to tell you about my new small movie from my recent Brasilian Trip in Cauipe.

The movie is visible on my Website
and I have already 1700 views in 10 days !

I'm preparing also some Kite Week End Clinics here in New Caledonia. We start the first in 02-03 january.
It will be on the Tenia Island!

Here you will find the JPg from the Flyer I did for that.
Even if it for New Caledonian public, this shows that everywhere, something happen with RRD crew !



Andraz in SouthAfrica: Action!

Hello everybody!

I have been in CT for 2 weeks now and it was great just the second week. I tested all my 2010 equipment ( I will be sailing also on RRD sails now) and I have no words... Everything is perfect, sails are even better than I expected and Twintip 88l is amazing...Some new things are just like I wanted for a long time. Check the pics...more action soon...

Best regards


Marco SUP in Maui

Here are some GoPro action Pictures from our Tuscany rider Marco Bosi trippin' in Maui

Together in the life is on the water " Matt & Gwen "

Together in the life is on the water " Matt & Gwen "

Résidant habituel du spot de Wissant Matthieu et Gwenaelle ont fait une petite escapade en Ecosse . Tiréé leur a offert des conditions " Ecossaises ".

Conditions de vent fort, Grosse vague pour des Surfs tres engagés, L'Irlande donne énormément a l'eau comme sur terre, Un trip a faire au moins une fois .

A retenir : "dans le buttom, ne pas oublier de lever les Yeux"..... démonstration dans la video "très sympa" ci-dessous.

Matt & Gwen rider is on the water Rrd / AirWave Lille
Quiver : Fatal Wave, Poison et Obsession 5-7-9