Friday, 27 February 2009


Il TwinTip 100 LTD non è semplicemente una delle tavole più apprezzate per le prestazioni che è in grado di esprimere in acqua, ma è anche LA tavola più apprezzata per quanto riguarda la veste grafica. A premiare il TwinTip 100 LTD come tavola più bella della sua categoria è stata la giuria popolare del più importante website d'oltre Manica.

Per maggiori info:

Se volete sapere come se la cava il TwinTip 100 LTD in acqua e non solo davanti allo specchio:

TwinTip 100 LTD is not just one of the most appreciated freestyle boards for its performances on the water, but it's also THE Most Valuable Board for its graphic appeal. It was that awarded the RRD TwinTip 100 LTD as prettiest feestyle board graphic, thanks to the vote of a huge number of web seekers...
Check it out:

If you want to know how the RRD TwinTip 100 LTD works on the water and not just in front of a mirror:

Anyway, here are words:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all!

Wow! We have had a huge number of votes on your favourite freestyle board graphic since this test went out in mid-January. So here are the results voted for by YOU:

1. RRD Twin Tip 100 – 334 points
2. Goya X1 105 – 304 points
3. Mistral Joker RD 99 – 297 points
4. Starboard Flare 98 – 294 points
5. JP Freestyle 99 – 282 points
6. Fanatic Skate 98 – 268 points

*Overall points were calculated by multiplying the % votes by 4 for ‘Really Good’, 3 for ‘Good’, 2 for ‘Average’ and 1 for ‘poor’ for each board.

WINNER - RRD Twin Tip 100

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The wave session

Il nostro RRD Team Rider sloveno Tine Slabe ci invia un po' di aggiornamenti dal suo Trip nel profondo Sud America.

La prima parte del trip a caccia di onde è finita per ora, domani partiamo per la Patagonia per fare un po' di riprese sui laghi. Allego un un po' di foto delle onde di Topokalma e Curanipe.

Ci sentiamo!
Tine Slabe
Here are some fresh news from RRD Slovenian team rider Tine Slabe from his windsurfing trip on the deep South America's wild countries...

"Ben arrived and as the forecast was better for the southern part of the cost we decided to go for a shorter trip to Curanipe, a good surf and windsurf spot five-hour drive from Santiago. A small fishermen village is a very nice host although it seems that you went like 20 years back in time. With Ben we rented surfboards and surfed the perfect waves in the bay. It was one of my best surfing sessions ever. The wind kicked, but unfortunately the waves got smaller. We still had a very fun day and some nice shots. Unfortunately the conditions were not like in Topocalma where the camera broke down. On the way back to Santiago we stopped for a day in Pichilemu, but there was no wind so we went only for short surf that was not so impressive. Now everything is ready to fly south. Patagonia here we come!!!

Pic: Anja; some are from the amaizing Topocalma and some from Curanipe

Tine Slabe


Aloha from windy Maui!

Photo credit: Darrell Wong/RRD

Hey Guys!
How goes it?

Out here, it's windy all the time, and now it went up a notch!
...big bowly waves today, but onshore with great big back loop ramps
and backside riding on the way in. Only bummer is that it's been so
cloudy/rainy, not the best to work on any project... But at least
we're getting some fun out there!...

Hope all is well in Italy!!
Much aloha,

Patrick is one of RRD Maui resident riders, and he was one of the key
riders during the 2009 Maui Shooting and for sure he will be one of our
key riders for our 2010 shooting...

Here are some words fron Pat after he signed his new contract also for
this 2009 season:

"In true Italian fashion, RRD is a family before it is a business,
and that is the greatest thing about working with Roberto and his
acolytes. This is a company that has always been about being at the
forefront of innovation and avant-garde, about always being one step
ahead. Always looked at as the edgiest shapes, constructions or
even the coolest graphics, there is a certain pride when you take
your RRD board out of the bag at the beach. Over the years, the RRD
production boards have worked wonders for me - whether it'd be my
backyard at Hookipa, the Gorge or even my native Canada, there are
boards for every type of conditions out there. I have been part of
the RRD family for more than 8 years now and I am just as stoked on
the boards and the people today as I was 8 years ago! With more
innovations for 2009, this will be another great season - see you
OUT there!"

Ciao Patrick and Keep riding hard!

Photo credit: Darrell Wong/RRD

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Roberto himself introduces 2009 RRD Kiteboard range...

Marina Chang from The Kiteboarder Magazine interviews Roberto Ricci himself. Roberto introduces the 2009 RRD board range.
Check-it out

2009 RRD Kiteboards & Screw-IT System

La redazione di ci ha passato un interessante video che vede impegnato il nostro Claudio Massei nella presentazione di alcuni pezzi delle collezione RRD-Kiteboarding 2009 ed in particolare nella dimostrazione di come funziona il rivoluzionario Screw-it System
--- send us an interesting video with our RRD man Claudio Massei introducing some new 2009 RRD Kiteboards, and showing how is easy-to-use our revolutionary foot pads with Screw-IT System

[Fwd: ONE2KITE head quarter!!!]

Hey everyone.
I forward this for the One2Kite team.

One2Kite Team likes to thank you all for your support and great products.
Here a pic from the head quarter. Could be worse!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

More pictures from NDfly...

il podio a daet con i vincitori delle tre categorie, organizzatori e sponsors
as above
tra le onde al nord...
i paesaggi al nord...
e ancora... nord
A presto!

Sick board!!

Photo credit: John Carter/PWA

Photo credit: John Carter/PWA

Ciao guys,
Hi guys,
I'm trying to rest the foot and get it properly better...

These pictures are from the PWA.
Also Here attached are a couple of video clips for Roberto & Aurelio to see the board

Hopefully going to put a video together this week with all the footage
I have from South Africa, Maui and a bit from CV.
I let you know when its done and maybe you can use it on the website,
or at least the blog.

I went to a physio again today and he had a really good check of the
foot and basically said it just needs a bit more time. I have pulled
out of the Fuerteventura event so hopefully with some good recovery
time I will be 100% by the time I go to Maui and can get ready for

Hope everything is good with you guys.


First Chile action...

un aggiornamento dal mio trip in Cile. Siamo usciti per due giorni al mare, ma poi si è rotta la telecamera, così siamo ritornati a Santiago. Al mare abbiamo becato un buon giorno e uno di vento leggero. Ti allego le foto dell'uscita lightwind. Appena le ricevo ti giro anche le foto wave. Il WaveTwin è una tavola davvero spettacolare!!!!!!!!
Appena ho qualcosa di interesante te la mando.
Tine Slabe

New Caledonia News !

Hi RRD crew!

Here is Seb,
I'm still in the other side of the planet, in Nouméa, New Caledonia, where I spent all the cold Européan winter time. It's a great place for all the water sport. I'm riding a lot here, going to different places on the Island.
There are many small islands around the Mainland. And it means also a lot of kiteboarding spots.

I'm preparing my upcoming season on the PKRA World Championship. I really want to make some good results this year. I just got the 2009 schedule last week. You can see it on :

We're gonna have 8 stops this year. A little bit less than last year. If you want to see me in action, I give you a first date in Leucate for the "Mondial du Vent", in South of France from 11 to 16 of april.

Now I'm organising the beginning of my season. I will go 2 weeks in New Zealand to make a Trip with Stance Magazine. After that I will go back to Europe and prepare myself for the France event, where will be pretty colder then what I'm actually used!

Ride hard !

New RRD Rider

Here is Abel Lago.

I want to introduce our new team rider from Spain.
His name is Gerard Sanchez originally from Tarragona, but he move to
Tarifa to train hard and try to make reality his goals (Compete on the
Spanish Champion ship and some PKRA event)

He is 20 years old and love Freestyle.
After his first session with the 9m Obsession believe that RRD is one of
the best brands in the world. (Thanks Robertone and Whertone).

Abel Lago


Tengo el placer de presentaros a nuestro Nuevo Team Rider desde
Tarragona-España Gerard Sánchez.

Desde hace unos meses a establecido su residencia en la Meca del
mundial Tarifa para poder entrenar duro y tratar de hacer realidad sus
sueños (competir en el campeonato de España y algunos eventos de PKRA).

A sus 20 años es un apasionado del Freestyle.

Después de su primera sesión con la RRD Obsession 9m, está claramente
convencido que RRD es uno de las mejores marcas del mundo. "Gracias
Roberto Ricci por hacer tan buenos productos"

Friday, 20 February 2009

News from Philippine Islands...

Il nostro attivissimo Kiter Andy ci manda qualche foto di un evento a cui ha partecipato durante la sua permamenza invernale nelle Filippine...


RRD kite rider Andy sent us some words and pictures from a kite event he attended during his winter work as kite teacher in Philippines Island...
Enjoy it

Ciao a tutti!
sono appena rientrato da questa competizione che si è tenuta a SudEst di Luzon (qui nelle Filippine):
Ciao everybody
I'm just come back from a kite event held in South Est Luzon (here in Philippines Islands)...


con la stampa locale... [local press...]

i locals curiosissimi... [crowd...]

preparazione per il BorderCross
[BorderCross competition ready to start]
Comunque alla fine ne è valsa la pena:
ho portato via il primo posto nel BorderCross,
che era la gara più importnate dell'evento...
Appena le ho manderò le foto che mi manderanno i giornalisti presenti...
A presto, un abbraccio!
Anyway, all in all it was a cool event and I take the first place on the BorderCross Competition,
the most important competition in this cool event...
As soon as I'll have it, I'll send some pictures taken by local journalists...

Take care


Some pictures about Roberto riding the Addiction kite on beautiful Maui...

Foto credit Darrell Wong Courtesy RRD

Riders: Roberto Ricci e Niccolò Olianti
Spot: Maui

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Il nostro rider tedesco FLorian Jung è venuto a farci una visita lampo per iniziare a lavorare con Aurelio su un nuovo giocattolo e per recuperare un paio di tavole nuove fiammanti in vista dei suoi prossimi impegni in giro per il mondo.
Anche Flow è rmasto davvero impressionato per come è sapientemente strutturata la Factory Grossetana.
Sicuramente lo rivedremo da queste parti quando le condizioni meteo saranno sufficientemente invitanti per pravare sul campo qualche nuovo giocattolo...

RRD German team rider Florian Jung come for a flash meeting in our Grosseto Head Quarter. He needs to start working with Aurelio to a new WaveTwin toy and take a couple of brand-new boards for his next trips around the World. Also Flow was impressend by the smart set up of the RRD factory and we're pretty sure that we'll meet again there around as soon as forecast will look promising!

Florian and Attilio defining the new shape

CNC shaping...

The Boss check it...

Quick trip to the beach

New boards bottom looks awesome...

Some good landscape portraits for magazines...