Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

"Ellen Bauwens" is Belgian champion Kite Freestyle

RRD Family welcomes Ellen Bauwens and congratulate with her for the fresh national Freestyle Title just won riding her new Obsession MKIII
Congratulations Ellen!

Monday, 27 September 2010


Sylt is not looking that great at the moment for wave sailing action, but there is always something going on with racing, freestyle and loads of promotional stuff. We now have live streaming running, so make sure you check it out.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Klitmoller goes off

Today we head off to Sylt after an epic stay here in Klitmoller. The
contest was obviously a huge success, but it didn't stop there. The
wind blew straight for 9 days solid, peaking with a couple of 3.7
days. We had waves the whole time and around the corner in Hansholm we
had side shore conditions and some of the best jumping ever. I am
absolutely exhausted having 2 or 3 sessions everyday, but it was so
much fun. Thanks to Oliver for the photos.

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

SKYEBOY 9th in the double

Today we ran the double elimination and I unfortunately had to go
against an on fire Victor Fernandez. I had a really nice heat, but he
landed a perfect double and in the end that made the difference. It
was super close though with him winning by about 1 point on each
judge, so I was pretty happy with my performance. Victor then went on
all the way to the final, eventually finishing 2nd. So that leaves me
9th for this event and 11th overall for the year. Sylt next week,
which is always a good event for me, so hopefully I can repeat a good
performance there. Right now though it looks like we should have a
couple of really good days here, so should be sick.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kia Cold Hawaii Denmark: Skyeboy 5th in the single

Skyeboy in action on his new RRD WaveCult Quads
Above: Lars Gobish one handed backloop

RRD Windsurfing Wave team is pretty busy those days, attending the first PWA event ever held in Denmark on legendary spot Klitmoller.

RRD Team Captain John Skye scored a good 5th place in the single Elimination, while local Guru Kenneth Denielsen was stopped in the second round, as well as German ripper Lars Gobish and our french wave maestro Yann Sorlut.

Florian Jung, Wout Burman and our Demark distributor Mikkel Asmussen were out in the first round, and already waiting to play their second chance in the double elimination.

Here the words from RRD Top rider Skyeboy:

"Today we ran the single elimination in Klitmoller. Conditions were pretty good, with the occasional logo set coming though. In the morning the wind was light for a 5.8, but by the afternoon it was
enough for a 4.9 and then it was really fun. I had a pretty good day, advancing through to 5th and eventually losing to Kevin Pritchard. I had some good heats, but against KP I got stuck a bit too far downwind and struggled to end to the best spot for the riding. Still I am pretty happy and tomorrow it looks like we should have the double elimination in even better conditions, so looking forward to that. We have live video, so check out the to watch the action live. Congratulations to Kauli for winning today and to Ricardo for making his first final in the waves. Lets see what happens tomorrow. "

Local ripper Kenneth Denielsen showing his gear and some skill in front of a video camera...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

ND-Fly Kite Camp 2011

Our Italian wave rider ND-Fly organized a cool waveriding kite-camp in
a a really windy region of the Philippines.
The wave camp will be open from 12 January till 23 of March, and
during this period will be held 5 kite Camp with a duration of 2 weeks
each, with no more than 4 participants each Camp.
For more infos:
Il nostro wave rider ND-Fly ha organizzato un bel waveriding kite-camp
in una delle regioni più ventose e radicali delle Filippine.
Il Wave Camp sarà attivo dal 12 gennaio al 23 marzo, e nel corso di
questo periodo verranno svolti 5 Camp della durata di due settimane
ognuno. Il numero massimo di partecipanti ad ogni Camp è di 4 persone.
Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili sul sito:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Skyeboy New Toys

Just picked up all my new toys and they look SICK! I am like a kid at
Christmas! I have all 3 of the new Wave Cults, 92, 83 and 75. I think
those will be my main boards for the UK, Canaries and all the comps.
Then I also have the 84 and 76 Hardcore Wave Cult, which are the more
rockered pure riding boards. These will be the weapons for those rare
proper riding days, like Maui or Cape Verde. My new Super Style
MkIII's look sweet too. Bit more power than last years, which I prefer
for all conditions, onshore and side shore. Plus I finally have the
SUP that I have been waiting 6 months for. Its the 9'6 Diamond tail
Ltd edition. It looks beautiful, and I already rode it in Maui so I
know it works as good as it looks! Now all I need is some wind, or
waves... or both!

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