Monday, 22 March 2010

Seb Garat: PKRA Thailand final report

6th in PKRA Thailand in Hua hin.

To Resume the event, the freestyle single elimination has been completed on the 2 first days, where I was able to pass only one round and lost on the 2nd due to a straps problem. Then, we had 3 days
without decent wind for freestyle, only course racing were runned. Please note the great result from my teammate Abel Lago who ended 2th overall in the Racing.

Those 3 days were pretty long, and I thought it was going to stay like that, that's mean a 9th place for me, with only a single elimination completed. But on the last day, the 20th, the wind finally picked up around 1 pm.
It first picked up around 12 knots, pretty light for freestyle, so the race director postponed the starts of the double elimination, and then one hour later, I was able to ride on my 12 meter kite.

I was on fire this day, and my 2 first heats of the day were really good. No mistakes, with an average of 18 tricks in 7 minuts with a good swith variety those 2 heats were similar. So I defeated Whiteside (UK), on the first and Paris (FR) in the 2nd.

On the 3rd heat, I was up against my RRD Teammate Tomas Teixeira from Brasil. It's bad for us because only one of us could advance in the double elimination ladder, but that's how it goes. That's Competition.

I went full power in this heat again, I did pretty well, but not as good as the 2 previous heats. And I don't know how, but I missed 3 times the bar trying a switch Slim Chance. The wind was a bit lighter, and we both did good but I wasn't sure to be the best. But I finally advanced 2 judges against 1.

After I heard the result, I prepared myself to go to the next heat. I had to drink water, and try to cool down ! The temperature was really really hot, even in the sea!

Now It was the time to take a revenge against Alberto Rondina (ITALY).
I went full power on this heat, the wind came back a bit stronger. I did almost perfect and just wasn't able to got for the back mobe to wrapped (just landed it in 540) at the end of my heat. We both had a great heat, but I really thought I was leading with around 18 tricks again, and 5 switch at least !

But when I heard the result, I didn't hear my name… I was a bit disapointed, but that's how it goes…

After seing the judging sheets, all 5 judges said the heat was really close, but they all gave it to Alberto, cause he was more « technical » with a crow mobe (toeside impulsion) and a grabbed front mobe.

So that's a 6th place for me to start the 2010 PKRA !

I'm learning again and again. But finally I'm pretty happy about this result. In fact, I had a small knee injury the day before leaving to Thailand while training in New Cal. When I went to the airport I
didn't even know if I would be able to compete. I just had time to see a doctor who said that my crossed ligaments were OK ! That's the most important. And finally with a good knee brace and setting my mind the right way, I was able to go Full Power !!!

Now I'm back to New Cal for one more windy week, and then I will flight back to France, see my family, and get ready for the Mondial du Vent, 2nd stop of the 2010 PKRA, in Leucate. Tramontane Power ! Over Power !

Stay connected, and keep supporting RRD Team !

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