Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Course Racing North American Championships

I'm down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the moment for the Course Racing North American Championships. Racing starts today and we're on our way out for breakfast and then to the venue so I don't have much time, I can write you something more detailed this evening. I've gotten three great days of training in since Friday. the condition have been about 12-20 kts with short chop. I've been riding my 12m Addiction almost the whole time and my 14m a little bit.
My speed and point upwind have been really good which I'm happy with because I haven't changed my gear much since the Worlds in August. I'm looking at this regatta as an opportunity to re-asses my gear and racing technique so I know exactly what I need to work on for the World Championships in Corpus Christi in April.
That being said, I think I'm going as fast as anyone out there and look forward to getting on the line with them today.

I'll update you soon and work on some pictures for you.

John Heineken

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