Tuesday, 16 March 2010

La Ventana Classic 2010 - Sandy Report

The drive home was a little slower. Most bridges were washed way

Good thing we had 4 wheel drive.

La Ventana was a fun trip this winter a couple of my friend's and I drove from San Francisco to La Ventana hoping to kite the coast the whole way down, unfortunately no wind but did find some great spots along the way. Arrived in La Ventana a week before the event to test some ideas we had for the race boards. Had great wind the 3 weeks we stayed.
In the course racing I placed 1st in the women's division almost took 4 out of 4 bullets but I got in a bit of a hurry in one race to beat my brother that I crashed the kite on the down wind but was still able to take 3rd on that race and came close to regaining my bullet. It was nice getting 1st place in this race but it was even better knowing the girl who took 2nd place was one of my youngest students I have had. It is rewarding seeing her all grown up now and racing along with the guys I think she even came close to beating her dad in the races. Shawn Richman took 3rd place in the men's course racing division. The La Ventana Classic was a Charity event we raised over $22,000 dollars that went back to the local schools! Our trophy's meant the most to me as they were hand made by the local Schools. The rest of the event went well of course more wind is always better but we were able to have demo's the whole week as well as I hosted a free women's race clinic after the event for a few women who missed out during the demo week due to lite winds.
As for the rest of the Puerto Vallarta trip we unfortunately did not get much more racing in due to the wind conditions. But I tied for 2nd place I learned a very valuable lesson in racing that week in Puerto Vallarta, that I need to keep a closer eye on the first place finishing guy, because of the lite winds in Puerto Vallarta at 3pm everyday of the event the wind would die and 2 days of the event I got caught in the lite winds the second day I thought I had the race in plenty of time as I was finishing right behind one of the world's top male riders but later I found out I was 7 seconds late of the 15 minute finish time. (That guy I finished behind made the 15 minute time with 4 seconds to spare) A lesson learned and I will not hold back until after I hear the finish horn.

(Our Kites were well Protected)

(We had Fireworks at our awards Dinner)

(they had an awards ceremony every night!)

I am now off to Pismo Beach, CA for the KiteXpo March 19th – 21st I will be hosting a free Course racing clinic Friday March 19. It should be a fun event, Pismo is always a great place to ride.
After the Pismo event it's is all about training for the Worlds in April in Corpus Christi, TX


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