Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Master of Caribbean in Guadeloupe

The wind direction was not good to organize the Race Guadeloupe-Martinique. The Master of Caribbean team deceided to organize the first day a Long Distance race of 28 nautical miles.
At the end of this race Antoine Albeau was first, Cyril Moussilmani was second and our
Julien Quentel was third in front of Kevin Pritchard and Ross Williams.

Master of Caribbean in Guadeloupe from masterofcaribbean on Vimeo.

The day after the race was Cancelled, since the wind direction was too south and unfortunately, the race Guadeloupoe – Martinique cannot take during the event week. To go to Martinique from Guadeloupe, they need East Wind and the forecaastr announce a South-east wind for many days.

The 7 riders went in Martinqiue seat in a boat and not on their boards.

Unfortunately, the wind then was too light to organise even a race, so Antoine Albeau,
Julien Quentel, Kevin Pritchard & the rest of the Master of Caribbean Team stay in MArtinique for few days with the Kids of The Vauclin club.

Master of Caribbean in Martinique from masterofcaribbean on Vimeo.

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