Monday, 15 March 2010

News Seb Thailand

Day 1 Thailand :

Bad start for RRD freestylers :
Tomais Teixeira went in his first heat against Cesar Portas, and did a really good heat. He win and thought he was going to ride in the 2nd round, but the organisation did a mistake with the draw, when they filled the ladder. So they cancelled his first heat, then Cesar went straight to the 2nd round, and Tomais had to re run against Alberto Rondina, and he lost this time despite a nice heat.

About Seb Garat, he did a nice 1st heat against Torrin Bright with Back Mobe, Slim Chance, back to blind, Blind judge Kiteloop Handle Pass and some more other tricks, with a good Switch variety.
Then he was up against Tom Hebert, his french New Caledonian mate in the 2nd round. He start the heat with a really good rythm, landing most of the tricks, with a good switch variety. But then, during a full powered kiteloop handle pass, had a problem with a strap. He went back to the shore to change board, but lost several time, and lost the psychological advantage. Unfortunately, Hebert advanced this time.

RRD freestylers are ready to rock now in the double elimination. It probably starts tomorrow depending of the wind strenght.

Nothing happened for the RRD racer Abel Lago. NO racing today.
But, we can notice that Abel passed one round in freestyle. He was alone in his heat and showed some nice old school - board off tricks. And then lost in the 2nd round againt Youri Zoon.

Keep connected for the end of the event....

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