Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Planche Mag test X-FIRE 122

Find below last Express test from March Planche Mag for X-Fire LTD V2

Translation in English for Web site :

All boards in X-Fire range are new in 2010 under Finian Maynard direction, vice world champion PWA.
The range increase with a new comer small 80 which is the replica of world speed champion 2009 board. So, range is now six boards : 80/90/102/112/122/135. Built on the deck with sandwich carbone biaxial, this 122 is compact with a generous that decrease on last 30 centimeters. Cut outs are soft, deck fine down, mast rail slope down at the front side, while rails under feet are among more thick on the market with JP Australia.
More floating and stable than a Falcon 122, Sonic 121 or Manta 75, RRD take off very soon to offer a very big potential in light and medium conditions; it's at same level of top performer! We ride it with foot in parallel with a huge hold under heels to go upwind, replace into the fleet or to pass in soft conditions.Wind can goes up, it is not too powerful under heels thanks to is pinched rear. The glide is very high with 7.8 to 9 m². We could take the risk to put 7.3 or 7 for XXL riders.
Very fast in medium/high conditions with 43 cm fin, it support up to 46/48cm in super light conditions.
It's this new compact board generation with which it forms a unit ,which offers the least resistance to the wind, especially support front foot back foot very well balanced.It is a very good relationship between power and glide. The versatility of this board has really impressed and especially its performance in the erratic and unstable wind direction. With it, you can navigate with economy without too much force. Its limits? it is thicker than average, it is high on high on the water and we felt a little less comfortable in control at high speed than with the trio Falcon 122 , Sonic 121 or Manta 75. Finally,this RRD size a little larger, extremely powerful in the light/medium condition with large sails. In the jibe, control is right, that relaunch strong with the possibility of breaking the curve thanks to the pinched rear.
A board that we recommend."

Shape : 2.31 cm
Wide max : 77,7 cm
Wide at 30 cm : 53 cm
Weight : 7 kg w/o fin and strap

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