Thursday, 15 October 2009

Storm of the year

While the world enjoyed the action at PWA Sylt world cup, my homespot Šventoji became Nr 5 in the Windguru World's Best spot list. I have to say that Denmark got the first four places :)

Milk&Blood competition the one and only Lithuanian wave event was on saturday. Stormycross-shore conditions made it hard for all the competitors. However, being the only one who could succesfully land the frontloop in those conditions helped me to reach the second place.

Sunday greeted us with even tougher conditios - wind up to 35 m/s and 6 meters waves. I had to rig my old 3.7. Still the regular side-onshore worked perfectly - southwest direction is the best for the waveriding in the homespot. Everything was superquick. Stormy gusts, hollowing rain and flashes of sun - everything was changing within seconds. A fight to survive, still inspiring.


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