Friday, 2 October 2009

New toys came!

Hi guys!

Finally my new toys (84 Thruster and 74 Twinzer) came.. As well as the wind!!!

After just few days in the Baltic sea this season so far I was red-hot to check the equipment and hit some waves. For the first day the south west wind was not so strong so I took 84 Thruster and went to the Latvian wave championship. Lack of the wind in the finals resulted that I've finished fourth. Anyway, the one and only Lithuanian. Thruster performed really well on the waves, I'm super happy to have it as my biggest board.

The next day the wind came... 4.7 and 4.0 Vogue sail combined with 74 Twinzer was the choice of the day. Some more Lithuanian friends came to Latvia, so we were hitting the waves as we are used to. Going higher for every single frontloop, working on backloops and so on. Almost a perfect day :)

On the third day waves were quite OK, but the wind was going down, so 4.7 and Thruster again was the choice to improve waveriding. Unfortunately the sun came out just for the second day, so the best pictures are out of there.

Next weekend seems promissing too. Milk&Blood wave competition will take part in the homespot most probably. Keep my fingers croosed for the waves.

Cheers and see you on the water!

LT 69

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