Monday, 26 October 2009

Slovenian champion 2009 !!!

Finally all the competitions in 2009 are over.
Last one was held on Sunday 18.10. on Slovenian small coast in town called Izola. Conditions were more than crazy. Super choppy with gusty and very cold wind. Despite all the craziness we finished a full double elimination.
Heats were extended on 8min in single and 7min in double elimination, so it was fair for everyone. Judges decided to judge by overall impression system (EFPT). There were 13 competitors, which is very good for a so small country. At the beginning the wind was light, so I used 5.2 and RRD Twintip 100l, but later in the final I was powered up with 3.7!!!
Heat after heat I showed better action on the water and victory of single elimination was mine. After the single I had to wait for about an hour for my opponent coming to challenge me from the double elimination.
It was again Zan Sude who wanted the revenge. Wind was very tricky this time, so it was a lottery to choose the right sail. I took 4.3 and it was just enough. Zan and me were both fighting hard in very difficult conditions. My performance was better and the judges were convinced. Marko Simic was third, Zan Sude second and I became Slovenian freestyle champion! The season was really good for me and I will do my best to be even better in the next year.

Photos by Franci Brezar

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