Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Abel tested a new religion!


This history starts in June 2009, when Werther (RRD Kite designer) arrived in Tarifa with a new kite concept: the new RRD wave kite. New materials, new shape and a new style for the revolution of the kitesurfing in the waves!
After Tarifa we visited Portugal (Guincho, Costa Caparica, Santa Cruz…), Galicia (my home spot), Morocco (Dakhla wave spots) and now it’s already October and I am in Brazil, and finally I can say that the Religion it’s more than ready to be one of the top kites in the marked. Right now.

It was not only Roberto, Werther and me who developed the kite, since we also hade good help from the RRD dealers and also some good wave riders who give to us feed back that helped us to create and develope and tune this new concept that the religion has.

The religion has all that a wave rider is looking for: fast movement, a constant pull on the bottom, a nice pop to jump over the waves, never fly backwards, all the sizes you want (5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m) and in my opinion also one of the most important things... it’s unbreakable!
Well I can talk for hours about the Religion, but now I am in Brazil and I don'’t want to sit here and spend too much time in writing. I want to go in the waves and have fun with my new Religion.
Soon you will have the opportunities to enjoy the Religion like I will do in few minutes, so be patient!


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