Wednesday, 7 October 2009



Finian Maynard KV-11!

After one strenuous year of hard training and dedication, Finian Maynard scored a couple of really deserved results: ISWC World Speed Champion and PWA Slalom Vice World Champion!

Finian’s thoughts after Sylt about this last PWA event and about his 2009 racing season:

“Sylt was a very successful competition, I think the best Sylt I have ever seen in my career for the sailing conditions for the wave and freestyle! With the slalom we had one full day racing and not much more, which is also good because we had many good events this year, so that was OK.
For the 2009 season I’m super happy to be Speed World Champion and PWA Vice Slalom World Champion. These are incredible achievements!

I’m super motivated for 2010: with RRD everything is perfect so far and we have made a really good working relationship, especially in 2009. I think that the future with RRD is really positive!
This season I did not race on boards developed with my influence, just the X-Fire 112. Next year the whole X-Fire line is developed from my hands with Aurelio (RRD shaper), and we worked really hard alongside Tine (Slabe) as well. Tine, Aurelio and myself worked thoroughly and efficiently together. Our testing sessions were productive with very smart ideas and the performance of the range has been increased, so for next season it looks like we have made another step forward!”

Roberto Ricci's thoughts after Sylt:

“We’re super happy about the results of Finian this year, both with his great title that he got in the Speed World Championship in Karpathos as this was the first world title that RRD ever won in the history of the company from the Year Zero, and especially with the result achieved in Sylt after seven PWA Slalom events, where he managed to keep the position of second place overall in the slalom discipline. This is really a well deserved result, because Finian has been improving his skill, has been improving his consistency, he has shown great maturity through each race on a crescendo rhythm from the first event all the way down to the last one, and I’m really sure that he will be again a full contender for the world title next year.

We look forward to a great season together with Finian. We have been developing together a wonderful range of boards, which will be, I’m sure, the reference shape and the reference style of boards for the future of racing in the World Cup. It’s really rewarding to see a such strong athlete to be so committed to the winning of the World Cup! So look out for the 2010 season!”

2009 ISWC Speed World Championship
1. Finian Maynard (BVI)
2. Antoine Albeau (FRA)
3. Anders Bringdal (SWE)

2009 PWA Slalom Overall Ranking:
1. Antoine Albeau (JP, NeilPryde)
2. Finian Maynard
(RRD, NeilPryde)
3. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne)

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