Monday, 26 October 2009


"Mixing freestyle with bottom turning"

Program: TwinTip Wave

A revolutionary twintip concept has been further improved. The new Venom 2010, with a new construction technology , and the new outline and tip design technology bring life to unlimited possibilities of use on this model. It can be used both with and without the tips to be switched from a full-on freestyle flat short board to a serious wave board with hi-nose kick. It is the perfect board to approach the waves easily and mix freestyle to wave riding!

The Venom is a fantastic concept: is a twintip board that allows you to ride in waves because of the twin fin tips configuration and the softer rails of the boards with a little TUE. The size of the board is 142 x 42 and this year for the first time we designed a board with the tips that are removable, so you can remove the tips and use the board in freestyle configuration, while if you put the tips you can use the board in waves.
The board has a great low end because of the straight rocker line in the middle section, so the board start to get going and to get upwind really fast, but as soon as you start to turn in the waves you feel that the boards it's easy to turn as a twintip board should be, but the boards keeps momentum because of the flatter section. In the mean time, the tips forgive a lot of mistakes, allowing to leaning too much forward or backward while surfing, without the board catching or slowing down too much.
So this tips configuration makes even easier approach to the waves and the fact of having a full symmetrical outline and a twin tip stance, will allows to do all the freestyle manoeuvres full on.

Technology: Wood/Biaxial/ABS rails/ DC/ DC with convertips

All details are available on the official website

RRD Venom webpage

Official World On Line in PDF version is available THERE

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