Monday, 26 October 2009

French Kite Championnship News

Hi Guys.

Here are some news of the French Championship in Wimereux North Of France.
I just won single elimination.

Cheers all.

Seb Garat

French Championship In Wimereux.
The French championship is held now, from 24 to 29, in Wimereux, in the North of France.
10 to 11 hours of driving to come from Montpellier to here !
And this is a good occasion to thanks again my sponsor FIAT who provide me a superb car, the Croma, ideal for long ways, and in which I can put all my gear!
Competition starts on Saturday afternoon, with the south wind blowind, they could validate the 1st round for junior, men and girls. I qualifiate for the next round.
Yesterday, Sunday, wind turned South West, around 20 knots, sometimes 25 during the day. All started on the morning, and they run all the heats until the night ! I won all my heats one after the other, and finally I won the final against Mallory. It was a great day, with good conditions of wind, some sun, and lots of public on the beach!!!
We could make a really good show to everyone, with aerial tricks (big board off) and wake style of course to be complete and varied.
I really enjoyed to ride yesterday.
Double elimination start today, with a wind a little bit more onshore. Like I won the single, I just have to wait for all the riders to do their heats to then confirm my 1st place!

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