Monday, 26 October 2009

Naxos Prince of the wind - Andraz report

Naxos Prince of the wind 8.-11. October

Event in Naxos is over. We were all expecting big, very well organized event with good wind and action, but we got much more than that. Event was organized on much different level than until now.

This was the first so professional event I have ever been to so far. Almost no PWA event can compare with it (well… Sylt is simply massive). If I sum up a bit...

The day before the event we had strong wind around 25kts or more. I was sailing with 4.7 and 100l RRD Twintip. In the afternoon we had a supersession upwind in the port of Naxos. There was for sure a few hundred people who enjoyed the session and also helicopter was every minute around with photographer and cameraman.

The first day of competition we had good wind until afternoon, but then it dropped a bit. That was not a problem cause we started really early like (at 8 or 9 o clock in the morning), so we managed to do a full double elimination. Later in the evening we had very nice photo shooting from the water.

Every evening a very delicious dinner was organized for the riders and accommodation was free of charge. The last day, there was not much wind as well, but we were busy again with a wakeboarding show and some promotion of equipment. The EFPT season is over, I attend just two events: in Alacati I finished on 8th place and Naxos on a very good 5th place. Overall I finished on 11th place just after two events. This are the best results so far so I'm happier than ever before. Also PWA season was super good for me. It was my first year and I finished on 13th place overall, which is pretty awesome for me!

That's it... next week we have Slovenian championship, so that will be finally the last competition this year.

Photos from Michael Sumereder AUT 9

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