Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rudy News

here is Rudy Catorina writing.
I have been healing my foot for the past 2 month rrrrgggg ... I am almost at 100% Now.
I had such a good session before that. So in the mean time I finished and updated some projects.

- Check "Aina Kai Makani", I just made this video while my friend "Wesh' was on Maui. Don't forget to put the music on from the video!
This video has been featured in The Windsurf Journal Website, Facebook, simmer, Wesh site.
You can view it here http://www.vimeo.com/4124078 or on myspace www.myspace.com/mrdaii

Aina, Kai, Makani. from Mr Daii on Vimeo.

- I also finished the design of the new website for RueBelle, check it out: www.ruebelle.com.

- Lately i,ve been Doing a lot of SUP and surf which is good for physiotherapy.
We had almost 2 weeks straight of south swell, with some really good session in Laperouse....only surf tho,
as the wind was not really there.
After Spending the night there I had great seesion bymyself, one afternoon with overhead Sets... Magic.
Check out the little photo cinquo

- So now i am on Maui on Maui and ready to go catch south swells in Oahu... Diamond Head, hope fully for the rest of july and then mid august once my foot is 100 % i will escape in the south Hemisphere.... who knows what´s waiting.


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