Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Endro pretty overpowered

Luigi Started overearly in race 3 but he's still on the top 3 and fighting for the leadership

Official press release

Mother Nature ushered in some heavy duty winds that commenced overnight and continued in to day 2 of the IFCA Bonaire Slalom World Event. The winds were blowing 19-25 knots all day with higher gusts. Everyone rigged down and prepared for an intense day of course racing. The skippers meeting was held at 10 and racing began at 11.

In the Masters Division Markus Poltenstein AUT 2 was a driving force along the race course today. On his heels was Thomas Fauster ITA 105 who blasted around the marks sometimes leading the pack. Close behind the tops sailors today was Diego Domenianni USA 05 who tuned his gear to perfection for today’s wind.

In the Youth Division Enes Yilmazer TUR 2 dominated the heats blazing his way through the choppy course. The winds created some challenging conditions that did not stop this young talent. Richard Jones GBR 32 donned a helmet cam for some of his heats. He is loving the warm water and is pushing it to the limits to stay in the top of the pack. Sebastian Kordel GER 220 has missing his gear as it was delayed in arriving but today he had his own kit and blasted with the pack through the course.

In the Junior Division Luigi Romano ITA 911 was leading the division until he was disqualified for crossing the starting line too fast. Other overzealous racers were also disqualified throughout the day. Luigi remains confidant he will dominate in later heats. Gutek Kurczewski POL 75 is fast and loves the Bonaire conditions. This soft spoken sailor has much atheletic finess on the race course. Morane Demont FRA 59 rigged a 6.5 sail in today’s wild and windy day 2 and held on tight staying in the top 3 during the day. After 3 heats she was exhausted but prepared to continue.

The Superkids are a motivated group including Sam Timmers NB 99, seasoned sailor Esther van Zadelhoff CUR 36 and CUR 1 Mitchell de Palm. They have their own course designed to provide a challenging race experience.
The mood is lively and the competitors are gearing up for a BBQ and music session at Lac Bay. Everyone hopes Mother Nature continues to cooperate.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Balentien


(after 4 races)
1. Kurczewski, Radoslaw - POL 75
2. Demont, Morane - FRA 59

3. Romano, Luigi - ITA 911

Youth (after 4 races)
1. Yilmazer, Enes - TUR 2
2. Kördel, Sebastian GER 220
3. Reuscher, Malte - ITA 7777
8. Finies, Archuendro NB 77

(after 4 races)
Fauster, Thomas - ITA 106
2. Poltenstein, Markus - AUT 30
3. Mehl, Sergio - A 21

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