Friday, 3 July 2009


Official Pres release

The First day of KPWT Movistar Kite Pro Tarifa started with a skippers meeting at 9:00. The wind is definitely of Spanish origin, taking it's time to rise in the morning. The draws for the freestyle men and women were done regardless and the rules were clearly announced by the race director for all the riders.

A further skippers meeting was held at 14h30 and the race director instructed all riders to prepare for the course racing discipline. The wind increased up to 12 knots and all riders launched their kites in anticipation for the first race of the event.

Race one saw over 45 riders take to the water. Each race included one lap around the strategically placed buoys. Abel Lago (SPA, RRD) started well and worked the conditions perfectly to push ahead of the pack and looked comfortable to win. Bruno Sroka (FRA, CABRINHA) thought otherwise and took the right channel at the perfect time flying past him in the home straight. Great start to the day setting the tone for the races to follow. He went on placed first in 3 further of the 4 races for the day.

Fabienne D\'ortoli (FRA, NAISH) placed well in all four races and is sitting nicely to further herself within this discipline. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE) pushed hard in the races and looks determined for the overall title within the next few days, so watch out for the women!

After race four the wind dropped off and the day ended due to light winds.

It was a good day overall and all are looking forward to day 2 on the KPWT Movistar Kite Pro Tarifa!

"Today was the first day of Tarifa. Light wind with the 14 Addiction and I
took the 2º overall position at the moment. I did 2º,3º, 1º and 6º (I crash).
I am happy because I am the only one who beat Bruno this year in some of
the races!
Tomorrow more races I will do my best to be in front."
Abel Lago

Skippers meeting

Abel superstar in his homespot

Abel leading the pack

Starting procedures

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