Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Kiel Week Ocean Jump 2009

The Kiel Week Ocean Jump 2009 powered by Vodafone

Like every year there were lots of highlights on the water and on the stages of the Kiel Week. Certainly, there was only one event right in the city centre which was one-of-a-kind. It's the fourth time now windskaters and bikers met each other in this extraordinary competition: The competitors have to jump over an 80 square meter big ramp to land in the water of the Germania-harbor. In the air time it must be enough time to show some hardcore stunts and unbelievable tricks. For the crowd it is really amazing to see the big names of biking and windsurfing in action just a few meters away.

In the last four years this sporting highlight has become so huge that the Kiel Week Ocean Jump will be an official world cup this year. Many athletes from very different countries have registered to push this event to a new level. In the last years the competitors created new jumps and stunts which have been recorded on DVD. We expect at least the same this year. With more than 100.000 spectators at all event days the Terra Oceanis Publishing Company as the presenter has made one's mark. The Kiel Week Ocean Jump has become an inherent part of the Kiel Week which awakes big interest on the media and of course also on the spectators.

RRD international rider Flo Jung (RRD/Gun) and national rider Chris Oeser (RRD/Hotsails Maui) tried there best on this event. Each rider showed 4 jumps in the qualifying and the best 8 riders should make their way to the final. Chris Showing one handed ponch and tabletop forward, but unfortunately lost 2 times his board during shaka and ponch. And so he didn't make it to through the finals. Flo did much better, even in the final… Showing double frontloops (even clewfirst), air chachoos and back-to-the-sail frontloops. In the end it was a tough battle between Alex Lehmann and Flo for the title. Alex showed some great moves, too and with the advantage of an local rider he took the crown and Flo became second…

Great show even on the nigh-Session-Show-jumping…

All in all it was a really amazing event, and I'm pretty looking forward to next year…

Cheers Chris

Then there is an youtube video with some aktion and mostly bails ;)

I also attacht some pics of me an Flo.

cheers Chris

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