Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Andraz PWA LAnzarote final report

2009 Costa Teguise, Lanzarote
I was on Lanzarote already 1 week before competition to train a bit, but we didn't have good wind. 2 days for big sails like 5.2 or more and 100l Twintip. On first day of competition the wind was not strog enough, just around 11kts so we didn't start. Later in the evening it picked up and all the guys we
nt sailing. It was good fun! Second day the wind was good from morning already and it was just increasing the whole day. I got Marcilio Browne straight in the first round so I lost and waited for double elimination. My opponent in the first double was Levy Lenz. I showed good action and I advanced. Next one was Mattia Pedrani. The heat was very close. We both crashed a few times on power moves and at the end he had more moves than me, so I lost. Every day I was sailing better, I was looking forward to sail the next day. Third day the wind was strong and waves were much bigger. We started the second single elimination. I was against Leo Ray. I managed to do some nice power moves, but Leo had better diversity so he won. Day 4 was a very bad day for me. In the second double I was again against Lenz but this time I lost. I went for a very high backloop and after landing big sets of mast high waves washed me totally downwind. I lost like 3 min and I was sailing very downwind after, where wind was super gusty. I was on 3.7 and down was not enough. In the afternoon we started third single. I was against Nicola Akgaczyan, he was injured and I advanced. I had to sail though and during sailing I got injured. Last day, day 5, I had to go in the morning against Tonky but I was not able to sail yet. My leg hurt too much and I decided to wait for double. In the third double elimination I was waiting for my opponent and it was Michael Rossmeier. I made really good heat and I won and I won against the Polish guy Tom Wiecorek as well. Next one was Marcilio Browne again. Wind was droping so we went on 5.2. He made crazy power moves and I lost. All in all I am happy. I finished on 17th place and I will try to do better on Fuerteventura. Have fun, see you on the water!

Andraž Žan
SLO 49

Final results:
1. Golito Estredo, V 1

2. Kiri Thode, NB 61,
3. Antxon Otaegui, E 169,
. . .
17. Andraz Zan SLO 49,
18. José de Souza Pedro BRA 250 , RRD
22. Francisco Teixeira BRA 64, RRD

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