Thursday, 19 May 2011

Update from a while back!

i was going through some Face Book messages and got a link to and it had a picture from a couple of months ago when
Roberto, Abel and my self were shooting at haakgat, it was a really
good day for the locals here in Cape Town i manged to skip school and
spend the day riding and shooting with the team! Abel and myself had
some really good waves and the boss taking some time of behind the
camera and catching some killers and the same time! we ended up riding
for most of the afternoon. but for me it wasn't all fun and games
after i lost my kite and got eaten a couple of times! Abel came and
grabbed me in front of the rocks and soon after the jet ski picked me
up. i got all my gear back in one piece with a little bit of a wake up
but all and all we really had a good day of riding and shooting!
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