Wednesday, 11 May 2011

KV 11 Update

Ciao to all RRD blog readers.
I have just returned from Maui to Europe after an excellent training
session since the first PWA event in Vietnam. Strong preparations were
made for the upcoming races and I hope that they will be a positive
development for the rest of the season.
The 2011 XF boards are performing very well in every condition, they
are the best set of boards I have had for many years, so the
excitement is there to make things happen this year. The range of the
new 112 and 135 I am racing right now is excellent and the 90 is also
performing at a very high level. The new full-carbon construction is
strong and light, worth the investment in my opinion. I have pounded
my boards for months on Maui in challenging conditions and I have not
had a single problem to date, so this is encouraging news. The
durability and light weight is there for everyone to try for themselves.
The goal for this season has not changed, I am aiming for the top, so
let's see what happens in the next PWA race in Korea, which starts on
May 14th. It is possible to tune in at and see all
the action.
Good sailing, aloha, Finian

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