Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Update from South Africa!

Hey guys!
season has come to a end with the South Easter fading away at a rapid
pace! we have been lucky to have a couple of sessions with just the
locals around with some good waves and even better flat water. We have
been testing some boards here and there and we have a good result! On
saturday we had a nice run to Robin island about 8km off our coast
line! the reason we decided on going to the island is because there is
a annual swim from the island to Big Bay, but as we got there we ended
up helping the NSRI with a capsised boat.... it took me 10min to get
to the island roughly averaging 35-40km/h it was a really fun run we
took the adiction and the vision the four of us had a absoult blast.
Shaun Ronlaldson, Douglas van der Merwe, paul cameron and my self,
thanks for the epic ride stoked you could all join me!
Luke McGillewie

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