Thursday, 19 May 2011

2011 RRD Firemove 110 tested by WINDSURFING mag

Check it out the feed back from USA magazine WINDSURFING.
...and remember to read the

Here you can find the TEST intro:

“Awesome in every way. quick to plane and speedy with control.”
We. Want. This. Board. Everybody wants this board. The RRD ticked up water time because everybody was having so much, well, fun! An early planing machine that stayed in complete control when the wind was up, the RRD offered endless thrills in the least amount of wind, and often in the most wind. An absolute blast.
What worked: Proficiency jibing despite being the widest board in the fleet. Smooth, forgiving and you could really feel the turns. It carved in smoothly on thin rails for all types of jibes. “Great-planing jibe machine.” — Bart Ollen

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