Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Report France Event - Seb Garat

After the 1st stop in Thailande, then Morroco, came the 3rd PKRA
event, only french stop for the Mondial du Vent, in Leucate.
The competition started on the 1st week end (23-24 mai) with the
trials with a south est wind. Then the Tramontane came on Monday, not
too strong on the 1st day. The weather conditions were perfect to ride
on 9, with 20 degrees. Pretty different from what we are used too here
in Leucate, with 45 knots and 10 degrees.
I advanced in the ladder till the 1/4 final before a rainstorm stopped
the competition for the day.
The day after, on tuesday, the Tram was stronger. Enough to ride
on 6m all the day. I started the morning against Youri Zoon in the 1/4
final, but Zoon took the advantage before to win the single elimination.
The double elimination has been run right after. I had a good
break to rest and to focused on the rest of the comp. I had to ride
first against my mate Tom Hebert. I did a good heat : lot of power
with clean and fast landings that gave me the win.
I should have make the same against Pastor in the next heat for a 6th
place, but I had a few more crashes, and he rode very good. I stopped
at the 7th place of this event.
Now we have a good break, and next PKRA event will be in Fuerte, in
August. In Between I will be busy with some national events, RRD
Meetings, French Championnship in July and other personal project.
Enjoy those few pics from the Morroco and France.

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