Monday, 30 May 2011

Ford Cup Poland Report

Below you can find Tomek Janiak report from the 1st polish kite cup 2011:
(foto: Łukasz Nadzarczew

Between 14th and 15th of May, on Hel peninsula ( Chałupy) the first (this season) Polish Kite Cup competitions (Ford Kite Cup) took place.
Held disciplines: kite race and freestyle. In kite race there were 13 competitors.
The first day of competition was all about kite race.
The wind strength was 7 up to 15 knots and that allowed to effectively start eight races on the course Up and Down Mark with 1 lap.

Starting on my new K-Race 65 and Addiction 16 kite I fought from the beginning for 1st position with last year's winner of the Polish Ford Kite Race Cup, Blazej Ożóg (NKB).
There was fierce fight for position 3-5 between Dominic Glogier (also RRD), Lukasz
Koński and Philip Porzucek. The rest smelled the breath of each rider's on their backs. We all fought with great determination using wind conditions, equipment and racing rules trying to checkmate enemy tactics, and sometimes also other ways to win.
As for the wind conditions, all existing forecasts has failed.
The reality showed that wind started blowing from the west, then changed to the north. It was very gusty (unstable) from 1B to strong 4B. At the shore was almost impossible to launch a kite and 200m from the shore gusts were so strong and unexpected that one of the rider was forced to perform freestyle tricks on race equipment .
To my surprise after eight races of day one I was leading, 2nd was Blazej, and 3rd place - Dominic Glogier .

On the second day of regatta 3 more races took place – one longer course, allowing riders to discard 3 worst results.
Blazej Ożóg, who this time was more focused during starts and sailed without any mistakes -finally managed to win all 3 races that day. Wind condition preferred lighter riders and since I'm over 15 kg
heavier then him it was easy to forecast final result , winning  slightly overall.
Unfortunately, when it comes to the Freestyle competition, this time the wind was too
weak to complete.

Kite Race Final results :
1. Błażej Ożóg (NKB)
2. Tomek Janiak (RRD Krace 65, addiction 16m)
3 .Łukasz Koński (Cabrinha)
4. Dominik Glogier (RRD Krace 65)
5. Filip Porzucek (custom)
6. Janusz Korchow (RRD Krace 65)
7. Adam Szymański (RRD Krace 65)
8. Leszek Mróz (custom NKB)
9. Max Lakowski (custom)
10. Andrzej Ożóg (custom Aguera)
11. Wojtek Marzec (RRD krave 50)
12. Jacek Daktera (RRD krace 50)
13. Andrzej Fal (custom)

Although 2nd place, I think that RRD Race equipment (Krace 65 &
Addiction 16m) I'm using is very good compering to NKB, especially in
stronger wind conditions showing great potential – I'm sure we will
all see about that in nearest future as next competition will be at
the end of May.

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